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Conflict Management On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

This workshop focuses on the application and practice of the skills necessary to Identify conflict resolution styles, Choose an effective conflict resolution strategy, provide negative feedback and more.

Course Description/Agenda

Many frustrations and stresses can be traced to discomfort in handling conflict situations

Workshop Outline:
This workshop focuses on the application and practice of the skills necessary to:

  1. Identify conflict resolution styles
  2. Choose an effective conflict resolution strategy
  3. Provide negative feedback
  4. Respond to criticism
  5. Disagree diplomatically


  • Instructor presentation
  • A/V support
  • Full group discussion
  • Small group activities
  • Practice opportunities


  • Differentiating aggressiveness, non- assertiveness and assertiveness
  • Using assertive communication
  • Being persuasive
  • Providing negative feedback
  • Saying no, without guilt
  • Disagreeing diplomatically
  • Controlling feelings and emotions
  • Working with others to resolve conflicts
  • Learning how to not manipulate or be manipulated
  • Recognizing when to confront & when to ignore

Value Added Option:
Participants at each training workshop are encouraged to send an email within three months following the workshop and expect a personal reply to assist with their learning experience.


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