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Job Design Concepts, Inc

Delivering Training Courses For Your Success

Job Design Concepts specializes in the development and delivery of Management Courses, Supervisor Training, Communication Skills and Leadership Training. Our programs are ranked among the best in the industry.

Sylvia Kestenberg and her team of expert facilitators have worked with a distinguished list of clients across North America and internationally.

Public workshops at our Toronto based training facility has been attended by thousands of participants from business, industry, government and the professions since 1981.

Our dynamic and inspirational training workshops and seminars relate to all areas of leadership, management and communication skills. Our Business Coaching and Leadership Coaching programs are acclaimed.

Skills Development Topics include:

- Assertiveness Training
- Business Writing Skills
- Conflict Management
- Change Management
- Customer Service Training
- Emotional Intelligence Development
- Getting & Staying Organized
- Meeting Minutes
- Memory Skills Training
- Presentations Skills
- Project Management Training
- Speed Reading Course
- Supervise, Motivate & Lead
- Train The Trainer
- Time Management Training

Additional Services include:

- Team Building Interventions
- One-on-One Coaching
- Meeting Facilitation
- Project Management Facilitation
- Keynote Addresses

As a leader in Training and Development, Job Design Concepts offers highly comprehensive course curriculum to meet your specialized training & development needs.


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Training Offered


Public Schedule Instructor-Led Seminars

Assertiveness Skills
Communication Skills
Critical Conversations
Getting & Staying Organized
Meeting Minutes Made Easy
Presentation Skills
Professionalism in the Workplace
Project Management


In-House / On-Site Training Classes

Assertiveness Skills
Business Writing Skills
Change Happens!
Communication Skills
Conflict Management
Conflict Resolution for Union Environment
Critical Conversations
Dealing With Difficult People
Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills
Developing Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
Getting & Staying Organized
Improving Your Memory
Influencing Others
Meeting Minutes Made Easy
Mind Mapping
Preference & Productivity
Presentation Skills
Professionalism in the Workplace
Project Management
Speed Reading
Supervise Motivate and Lead Others
Thriving In a Challenging Workplace
Time Management: Working Smarter Not Harder

Customer Service Skills

Training For The Trainer

Behavioural Interviewing

SALES Seminars
Sell Yourself First