Audio Conferences Available For Registration On now lists teleseminars (audio conferences) for visitors seeking training available from their own office.

Released: 3/12/2008

Public scheduled instructor led training has been the staple product for In addition to the public-schedule classes and on-site training options, we proudly announce that teleseminars are also listed on

Teleseminars or audio conferences are similar to public-schedule instructor led seminars, in that they are live, interactive and are held on a specified day and time. However, teleseminars have some distinct advantages to standard seminars.

  • You can attend a teleseminar from your office, a speaker phone usually being the only requirement
  • In most cases, you are not required to pay for each attendee, so you can gather a group and attend the teleseminar from a group meeting area
  • There are no travel costs associated with teleseminars, since you simply have to dial in to attend

There are different 'rules' for attendance, payment, and such that are set by each training provider, so when you view information about a teleseminar, make sure you view the restrictions set by the training provider.

In short, teleseminars are convenient way to train at your office, and in most cases to train many people all at once, cost effectively.



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