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We've taken the dread out of learning these essential business skills and created a course that's actually INTERESTING and FUN to attend!

Course Description

Dear Professional:

Business Grammar & Proofreading is a new one-day workshop that features a phenomenal, "no-fear approach" to business grammar and proofreading skills. This skill-packed program has been designed for busy professionals like you who want a super-fast, easy way to brush up on grammar, spelling, proofreading, and business usage.

We've boiled down hundreds of grammar and usage rules to "the most important of the most important," focusing on those contemporary grammar skills that will make the biggest, most immediate impact on your written business communication. This fast-paced, interactive learning adventure presents information in easy-to-grasp concepts that make learning fun -- and painless. You'll be startled at how much you'll absorb, retain and enjoy!

An important feature of our exceptional workshop is a special update on the newest standards in business usage. You'll discover how to handle courtesy titles, gender-pronoun problems, terms that may be considered insensitive or even offensive, and fresh alternatives to outdated words and phrases that have fallen out of favor.

Packed with tips, tricks and easy-to-remember techniques, this workshop is a must-attend event for you if any part of your job involves communicating in writing. Whether you prepare formal business reports, proofread business letters, send e-mail to customers or clients, or jot memos to your boss, the skills you'll learn will add professional polish -- and accuracy -- to every sentence you write!

Don't wait any longer to get the crucial grammar and proofreading skills you need to shine like the credible, capable professional you are. Enroll today!


Susan Enyeart
Director of Curriculum


Out With the Old Business Communication Rules and in With the New!

  • Still clinging to "old" business writing and usage ideas? Professional examples of how modern, written business communication should sound
  • Why a casual, friendly tone is key to contemporary business communication
  • Strategies for eliminating stiff, formal language and avoiding wordiness
  • Understanding why concise communication is imperative today, whether you're writing a formal report or an e-mail
  • Most-often misused words in business documents, including words that don't exist

"Must-Know" Grammar Basics for Blunder-Free Writing

  • Image-crippling mistakes to avoid: Grammar blunders that professionals most frequently make
  • What a misplaced modifier is and how it can wreak havoc with your meaning
  • A simple way to make sure your subjects and verbs agree -- guaranteed!
  • "That's up to you and I" or "that's up to you and ME"? How to choose the right pronoun
  • Handy grammar resources that will provide answers to even your trickiest questions

Smart Ways to Rev Up Your Sentences -- and Polish Your Professional Image!

  • How to use active verbs and voice to communicate more powerfully
  • Wake up your readers by slashing adjectives and dumping unnecessary adverbs
  • Tips for using varying sentence patterns and sentence lengths to express your ideas
  • Less is more: "How-to's" for trimming the fat from your documents
  • Pointers for adding zing to your written communication

Handy "Cheat Sheets" for Capitalization, Numbers and Abbreviations

  • The 10 Commandments of Capitalization for business communication
  • Rules for capitalizing professional titles and names of things
  • The Rule of 10 for spelling numbers and expressing them in figures
  • When -- and how -- to abbreviate and when to spell it out

Punctuation Made Easy for the Semicolon-Challenged!

  • Punctuation mistakes that are instant credibility killers -- ones you'll never again make!
  • Avoid "comma-itis" by knowing when a comma is essential
  • Easy ways to keep semicolons and commas straight
  • Correctly using apostrophe-"s" or "s"-apostrophe to keep your meaning clear
  • When (and why) to use parentheses
  • Understanding when you need quotation marks and how to use them with other punctuation
  • Punctuation rules that were made to be broken and when it's a good idea to break them

Secrets of Goof-Proof Spelling

  • A list to keep at hand from now on: The 100 most-often misspelled words in business communication
  • 5 golden spelling rules every professional should memorize
  • "Occuring" or "occurring"? The handy rule for adding word endings
  • Hear are example of why you can't depend on spell-checker to get your spelling write all the thyme
  • Resources to check for the correct spelling of the newest words in our ever-evolving language

New Business Usage Standards: R.I.P. to "Dear Gentlemen"

  • Guidelines for handling courtesy titles in business communication
  • Fresh, new options for salutations in business correspondence
  • Nonsexist alternatives guaranteed to help you steer clear of offensive language
  • Solutions to gender-based pronoun problems
  • Pet phrases and outdated words that need to be put out to pasture

Proofread Like a Pro to Catch Embarrassing Errors Before They "Go Public"

  • Are you proofreading or editing? Why it's important to know the difference before you start reading
  • Tips for proofreading quickly without sacrificing accuracy
  • Visual tricks that will help you catch hard-to-find errors such as duplicate words and omitted letters
  • The secret to spotting your own typos and grammatical errors
  • How to proofread numbers with 100 percent accuracy every time
  • A proofreading checklist that will serve as your "safety net" so you can rest easy, knowing you've caught every error


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National Seminars Group
National Seminars Group


We've taken the dread out of learning these essential business skills and created a course that's actually INTERESTING and FUN to attend!

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Anyone who needs to improve their grammar and proofreading skills

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Dates and Locations

Buffalo, NY
3/5/2018 - 3/5/2018
Tuition: $199

New York City, NY
3/14/2018 - 3/14/2018
Tuition: $199

Kansas City, MO
3/22/2018 - 3/22/2018
Tuition: $199

Tulsa, OK
3/23/2018 - 3/23/2018
Tuition: $199

Independence, OH
3/26/2018 - 3/26/2018
Tuition: $199

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