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Leading Change Initiatives On-Site Training

This course is designed to provide managers and leaders the skills necessary to manage workgroups successfully through change initiatives

Course Description/Agenda

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Classroom Training
1 day
Managers and Supervisors
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

This course is designed to provide managers and leaders the skills necessary to manage workgroups successfully through change initiatives. Through in-depth skill-based learning and real-world application, your participants will walk away with skills they can really use.

Learning Objectives

  • Utilize practical tools to manage change and its effects.
  • Motivate employees during change initiatives.
  • Identify and incorporate characteristics of a change agent.
  • Adapt to and direct employees through changing environments.
  • Create and implement effective change plans.
  • Maintain a positive atmosphere even when chaos occurs.
  • Handle conflict and stress that occurs during change processes.

Course Agenda

  1. Understand why organizations change and why change is often resisted.
  2. Explore the mindset of "New Millennium" workforces.
  3. Identify the 4 stages of change.
  4. Learn the characteristics of a "change agent."
  5. Understand your role in change as well as the roles of others.
  6. Implement change with an 8-step strategy.
  7. Apply 16 transition guidelines for adapting to change.
  8. Develop effective transition skills.
  9. Utilize practical change management tools and techniques.
  10. Identify hidden opportunities that always accompany change.
  11. Learn 5 stress reduction strategies.
  12. Develop positive relationships between managers and coworkers.
  13. Study behavior styles and how they affect change.
  14. Employ techniques for assertive communication.
  15. Learn how to process company and individual change.
  16. Practice asking for change.
  17. Motivate employees for top performance during change initiatives.
  18. Understand the 4 levels of commitment.
  19. Learn how to maximize the performance of your employees during change.
  20. 20.Create a long-term "vision statement" that allows for change.


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