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Conquering the Grammar Game On-Site Training

This fun, fast-paced program will help you master simple, easy to remember grammar guidelines.

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Classroom Training
1 day
All Business Professionals
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

This fun, fast-paced program will help you master simple, easy to remember grammar guidelines. You’ll learn the basics of word usage, sentence structure, and modern day business grammar. Your customers and coworkers will notice your improved communication skills right away.

Learning Objectives

  • Communicate effectively, professionally, and accurately.
  • Present yourself as knowledgeable and credible.
  • Build credibility through active voice.
  • Recognize what’s acceptable in today’s business environment.
  • Write clearly, crisply and correctly.
  • Speak with confidence and distinction.

Course Agenda

  1. Identify parts of speech.
  2. Use proper sentence structure.
  3. Practice using prepositions, conjunctions, and articles of speech correctly.
  4. Establish trust using active voice.
  5. Learn the fundamentals of subject and verb agreement.
  6. Uncover simple rules for pronoun and antecedent use.
  7. Differentiate between words that look and sound alike.
  8. Identify modern grammar myths.
  9. Become proficient in punctuation.
  10. Use the "Secrets of Good Spellers" to avoid commonly misspelled words.
  11. Avoid errors with using the "Capitalization Guide."
  12. Learn the basic rule of writing numbers and the special considerations.


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