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Behavioral-Based Interviewing On-Site Training

This highly interactive course teaches you the art of behavioral-based interviewing.

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Classroom Training
1 day
Managers and Supervisors
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

This highly interactive course teaches you the art of behavioral-based interviewing. We will teach you how to prepare quality behavioral questions to illicit the responses you require to make good hiring decisions. You will practice behavioral interview techniques, evaluate responses based on competencies, and learn how to select the very best candidates for the job.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify steps for interview preparation.
  • Apply behavioral-based interviewing methodology.
  • Develop real behavioral-based questions.
  • Apply techniques for conducting the interview.
  • Practice behavioral-based interviewing.

Course Agenda

  1. Define behavioral-based interviewing and understand the benefits of using it.
  2. Identify your purpose in interviewing.
  3. Examine types of interviews and types of interview questions.
  4. Review improper questions according to EEO regulations.
  5. Determine the behaviors, characteristics and skill sets required for the job position.
  6. Analyze top performers in the company and differentiate what makes them stars.
  7. Understand the concepts of behavioral-based questions.
  8. Create the desired outcome of the interview using the STAR method.
  9. Apply the 3-step formula for creating an effective behavioral-based question.
  10. Use the “funneling” technique to guide candidates toward behavioral-based answers.
  11. Learn to assess interviews and answers critically and accurately.
  12. Use internal competencies for writing behavioral-based questions.
  13. Practice writing actual question that can be used right away.
  14. Identify methods for starting, conducting and ending a behavioral-based interview.
  15. Apply techniques for gathering information.
  16. Practice asking and answering behavioral-based questions during an extensive role-play interview.


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