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Managing Change & Transition Boot Camp On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

A special one-day offering based on Linkage's best-selling change & transition tools.

Course Description/Agenda

Managers today are being called upon to lead change at multiple levels of their organizations with fewer and fewer resources. Despite this charge, they often lack the necessary tools and training to help their teams successfully navigate change and become more nimble and resilient for future initiatives.

This special one-day intensive session draws upon the key tools and models from Linkages best-selling Change Leadership program, as well as Managing Transitions developed by noted transition thought leader, William Bridges.  This Boot Camp provides managers with focused tools and solutions to accelerate the change implementation process, while equipping them to help their teams embrace change by understanding the importance of personal transition as a key to the change process. Managers will receive a Survival Toolkit comprised of 10 key tools for addressing varying aspects of change. Additional Toolkits will be available for order upon completion of the program.

Who Should Attend

Managers who are responsible for implementing and facilitating change and want an accelerated orientation on critical change and transition concepts and tools.  

OD professionals are also encouraged to attend as a preview to Linkages full skill-building Change Leadership and Leading Organizational Transition: Train-The-Trainer Program, offered in exclusive partnership with William Bridges & Associates.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Learn how to assess your team's readiness for change
  • Learn how to develop and communicate a compelling business case for change
  • Learn how to leverage William Bridges Three-Phase Transition Model to help your team through the stages of transition
  • Learn how to counter resistance and overcome obstacles to change


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