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Telemarketing Training Workshop On-Site Training

You will learn hands-on-tools to improve their qualifying efficiency.

Course Description/Agenda

Because of rapidly increasing transportation costs, organizations around the world are looking for more cost effective way to reach their customers. It is a way to link the efficiency of automation to the REAL marketing needs of highly competitive business world. Telemarketing is the systematic use of the telephone by trained people to increase profits and reduce selling costs.

Since there are so many different applications of telemarketing, the training telemarketers receive should focus on their particular activity. Your telemarketers' activities are directed towards qualifying prospects. As such, the most important skills they can acquire are those of Active Listening & Information Probing. Telemarketers will learn hands-on-tools to improve their qualifying efficiency. They will learn through audio-taped role playing, followed by one-on-one feedback, focused on cases reflective of their day-to-day activities.

On-Site Training: can be tailored to the needs of client organization and delivered on-site at time and location of client choice.


Participants will experience/learn to:

  • Three audio-taped role plays, each followed by specific feedback
  • Use question and probing skills to uncover better quality information
  • Use highly effective telephone etiquette
  • Use product knowledge more effectively
  • Understand the difference between needs, want, and opportunities
  • Listen more effectively to gather all the information communicated
  • Close for appointments

For more information and pricing, please complete the form to the right and we will email you a confidential Annotated Outline that will provide you with an hour by hour description of this training seminar.

Length:1 day
Time:8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


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