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Virtual Classroom (Live) How to Harness and Collaborate with the Creativity of a Millennial without Exhausting yourselves. Webinar

By attending this webinar you will Learn how to harness these thoughts and how to express them to meet your goals, hit your marks, and change your lives.

Course Description/Agenda

Every thought we conjure is its own creation. It presents itself in the form of a simple idea. This idea has the potential to grow rapidly like wildfire.

From these ideas we produce magnificent structures, life-altering technologies, and a mind-boggling amount of art forms. What if we weren't ever able to play an instrument or we didn't excel in art class? Does that mean we can't possibly be a creative being? No. What if I break it down to the simplest form that I can. What if instead of focusing on building the biggest and greatest pieces of art, which are always up for interpretation, we focused on developing and constantly improving on ourselves? Why not allow creativity to flow through us more freely by opening ourselves to the idea of it? How do you start doing this? Consider this. How do you feel when someone makes eye contact with you and smiles? Hopefully it is a warm feeling, maybe it even drives you to slap on a smile as well. As the person who initiated that, they injected a small dose of joy into you which resulted in you flashing your smile. This is true across all age barriers.

This person was able to stir emotion within you and also caused you to take action by them simply smiling at you. They created that sensation. This is the rawest form of creation. Emotion. Even taking a small step like this will help boost your creativity.

The people around you will be more at ease and will be able to operate under more optimal conditions. Doesn't that sound like a more energizing atmosphere? One that, no matter the age of the individual, we can thrive in? If you have the ability to think for yourself you have the ability to be creative. It is that simple. There are many techniques that can be used to spark creativity. This creativity ignites change and produces results. These results will be obvious at work as well as at home.

Once you tap into your creative self you begin to see life from different perspectives. It's like wearing sunglasses with a blue tint and then switching to an orange tint. You see the world differently even if only for a brief moment. That brief moment is all it takes for an abundance of thoughts to come flooding in. Learn to harness these thoughts and how to express them to meet your goals, hit your marks, and change your lives.

Why you should attend:

    Did you know that solitude is where creativity lies? We each have the ability of expressing ourselves creatively. It's just a matter of getting to know ourselves. In today's world there may seem like there is no time to take to ourselves to reevaluate experiences and create original thoughts. We can be so caught up in our work, in social media, and in keeping up with the popular shows that we step away from our creative potentials.

    I refuse to believe that anyone lacks the potential of being creative. What did you do as a child when presented with a hard no? You conjured up a new plan of attack and did your best to execute. Have you ever built a new world entirely made up in your head just to pretend like you can be an astronaut, an executive, or a mermaid? What happened to that beautiful imagination that we had when we were naïve children? Millennials and GenXers both have that experience. We both understand what it's like to have to simply go outside and entertain ourselves, albeit some of us more than others. The variation amongst individuals in itself contributes to the exponential amount of creativity we can harness.

    If you believe that you were at one point creative and currently struggle with it you will find value here. If you have to lead a team and struggle with harnessing their creativity you will learn tips on sparking creativity. The creative process can be exhausting but it can and does provide magnificent results. Albert Einstein said that "creativity is intelligence having fun." Let's have some fun!

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • How to spark creativity from within
  • How to ignite creativity from your team
  • How to let your inner child free
  • Tips on hosting a brainstorming session

Who Will Benefit

  • Consultants
  • Entry-level Positions
  • Executive Leaders
  • HR Professionals
  • Inters
  • Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Supervisors

Louis Engel was born and raised on a small island in the Caribbean called St. Maarten. His parents thought it was in his best interest if they sent him to boarding school in Canada. He completed the majority of high school at a boarding school in Ontario and then went on to pursue an Honors Specialization in Biology which was completed in 2013. After struggling to find a job his my field, which was required for permanent residency, he decided that his chances would improve if he was to receive further schooling. Louis enrolled in an online Clinical Trials Management program in 2015 and completed an internship in the field in 2016.

The internship lead to a part-time opportunity with the same company which quickly turned into a full-time opportunity. Louis began his internship in the Clinical Operations department and learned that, plain and simple, it was not for him. He decided to knock on some doors and search for other opportunities within the same company. This landed him in the Sales & Marketing department. Louis began travelling around North America to attend conferences as a representative for the company. One Wednesday night in October 2016 he received news that he was no longer legally allowed to work in Canada anymore. Louis finished his regular day at the office and then hurried over to his second job as a bar tender. Once that shift came to an end he decided to catch up on his emails in preparation for the rest of the week. One of those emails read that his application to remain in Canada had been denied. Louis had to quit both jobs immediately to not risk being deported.

He left Canada in December 2016. He didn’t know what to do. Louis still had his whole life set up there. At that point, Ontario was home for 10 years and it wasn’t time for it to be part of his past. While he was in St. Maarten he completed one last application, one last opportunity to make sure that his time in Canada wasn’t wasted. It worked. Louis made it back but under strict conditions. This permit was good for one year. Enough time for him to meet the remaining requirements necessary for permanent residency.

Louis submitted his application for permanent residency in March 2018 and returned, once again, to St. Maarten for an indefinite amount of time while he waited. After five months of patience he was rewarded with permanent residency. Canada saw his return in August 2018, but not the pharmaceutical industry. He returned to working as a server and bar tender to earn an income after being unemployed for 5 months and battling with lawyer fees. While he worked that job he also prepared his next move. Louis wasn’t sure what it was going to be but he knew that he was not going to get stuck in the food service industry.

His experiences have lead him to develop a passion for overcoming challenge, embracing change, and exploring curiosity. Louis followed his passion then and it continues to lead him today. He allows his curiosity to help him find a way to overcome challenges. Overcoming challenge often requires change. Change can be a result of a new environment or from a new way of thinking. His struggles have built him to become resilient. Louis looks forward to difficult experiences, it is when the greatest lessons are learned.

With his passion came a burning desire to share what he has with as many people as he can, his perspective as a Millenial. This thought lead to him quitting his job as a bar tender and pursuing a career as a speaker. He focuses on sparking curiosity in the individual. Louis’ goal is to inspire personal development and he does so by carrying an inspirational message through storytelling


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Train HR
Train HR Courses

Course Summary

By attending this webinar you will Learn how to harness these thoughts and how to express them to meet your goals, hit your marks, and change your lives.

Delivery Method

Virtual Classroom (Live) Virtual Classroom (Live)

Who Should Attend

• Consultants • Entry-level Positions • Executive Leaders • HR Professionals • Inters • Managers • Small Business Owners • Supervisors

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