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Marketing does not matter, customers don't matter, and nothing else matters either.  At least, not until we can manage to tie them all to sales performance.  Value selling (Profitable Sales)  is the only thing that matters, above all else.  That is what creates business value.  Often we focus on mediating issue to the exclusion of the the final outcome of importance.  The 8020 Strategy Group brings the focus back on that which matters the most.


The 8020Strategy Group is a global strategy consulting firm working with companies that are deeply impacted by market dynamics and emerging technologies.  By aligning business drivers with outcomes we create strategic empowerment & accountability to spearhead 8020 growth (exponential).   Sales is aligned with marketing so that it can act as the "battering ram" of the marketing engine and marketing, on the other hand, is aligned with strategy so that it rains and not just thunders, unlike it often does.  Our scorecard creates accountability so that we know which marketing dollars are spent on creating thunder and which are used to create rain (Thunder or Rain: The 8020 of Marketing Accountability).  In the end, we work to get your long and short term financial goals become achievable.


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