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Here's how Practical Projects helps you to deliver successful projects without stress every time.

We know that so many important projects fail for one reason or another - causing immense cost to the businesses and organisations commissioning them and significant stress to the people managing them.

Nowadays the majority of managers are responsible for project management in one form or another.

In many cases these managers will have been given responsibility for managing a project either without adequate training or they will have been overloaded with project management techniques that are so complicated they're more overwhelmed and stressed with the project management than with the project.

That is why Practical Projects exists - to help more projects be delivered successfully and to reduce the stress on the managers responsible for them.

Meet the creator of Practical Projects - Chris Croft.

Chris is a management trainer with an education in Engineering, a background in senior management and then as a University lecturer.

Inspired by his aptitude for solving problems Chris originally trained as a Chartered Engineer with a Manufacturing Engineering honours degree from Cambridge University. From this he went onto a successful 10 year career as a senior manager in manufacturing working in the plastics, automotive and aerospace industries.

During this career Chris was constantly responsible for delivering projects both as a project manager and as a senior manager with overall responsibility for a portfolio of projects. It was in this career that Chris witnessed how he and some other managers had the ability to seemingly manage their responsibilities successfully with little effort, whilst others put in great effort without the same level of success.

It was this puzzle and his insatiable desire to solve problems that took Chris on to study an MBA to unlock the secrets of successful management. It was whilst studying this MBA with many hours spent studying management success that Chris was able to discover that the secrets of great management were not as elusive as they at first appeared.

With this knowledge Chris took on a role as a Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University Business School where for 4 years he developed and taught a number of training courses that were the inspiration behind launching his own training business in 1997 - Chris Croft Training.

Since then Chris has trained over 40,000 people and has developed a reputation for delivering practical management training that teaches essential management skills in a simple and fun format. There is no reason for management training to be boring and with Chris it never is.


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