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Building Portals and Managing Content with Microsoft SharePoint 2007 On-Site Training

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Building Portals and Managing Content with Microsoft SharePoint 2007

Course Description/Agenda

In this course, you will learn how to build portals, manage web content, and streamline your business processes using SharePoint 2007. You will gain an understanding of the standard Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) collaboration portal features, including collaboration portals, user profiles, search, and information management policies, as well as the enterprise features, including business data catalog, InfoPath forms services, and Excel services.

You'll learn about the web content management features of Microsoft SharePoint 2007, including MOSS publishing sites, branding, and using content types and page layouts. You will learn to leverage the workflow capabilities of SharePoint to create business solutions, and you will learn about the built-in capabilities of SharePoint 2007 and how to customize them using SharePoint Designer.

What You'll Learn

  • Use the collaboration portal site template as a starting point for custom portals
  • Access and use data in external line of business databases and services
  • Use InfoPath Forms Services and Form Libraries to collect and manage information
  • Develop with Excel Services and create reporting dashboards
  • Create custom search sites and optimize search user interfaces
  • Use and customize Information Management Policies and Records repositories to implement document management solutions
  • Create a publishing site and pages
  • Configure the publishing infrastructure
  • Create master pages and style sheets using the publishing features
  • Create publishing site definitions
  • Separate content and layout with content types and page layouts
  • Use standard SharePoint lists, alerts, and libraries for simple automation
  • Build no-code workflows with SharePoint Designer and create custom Designer activities
  • Use the SharePoint object model to associate workflow templates and start workflow instances
  • Create sequential workflows, state machines, and custom workflow activity libraries

Who Should Attend

Content managers and web masters who need to understand the publishing, workflow, and web content capabilities of SharePoint 2007

Course Prerequisites

A good understanding of SharePoint 2007 and MOSS 3.0

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Collaboration Portals

  • MOSS Collaboration Portals
  • Site Collections and Sites
  • Features
  • Shared Services

2. User Profiles and My Sites

  • Collaboration in the Enterprise
  • My Sites
  • Using Profile Data

3. Customizing Search Center

  • Search Center
  • Customizing Search Center with Tabs
  • Search Optimization
  • Controlling Visual Output

4. Document and Records Management

  • Managing Documents
  • Records Center
  • Information Management Policies

5. Introduction to MOSS Publishing

  • Web Content Management
  • Creating a MOSS Publishing Site
  • Creating Pages
  • Versioning
  • Approval Processes

6. Branding

  • The Publishing Infrastructure
  • Branding Publishing Sites
  • Master Pages
  • Branding and Authoring

7. Content Types and Page Layouts

  • SharePoint Data Structures
  • Page Layout
  • Serving Pages

8. Out-of-the-Box Business Process Automation

  • Business Process Automation (BPA)
  • Using SharePoint for BPA
  • Creating and Using Alerts
  • Using Out-of-the-Box Workflows

9. SharePoint Designer Workflows

  • SharePoint Workflow Features
  • SharePoint Designer Overview
  • SharePoint Designer Workflows
  • Determining the Status of a Workflow
  • Creating Workflows in SharePoint Designer
  • Workflow Forms and Variables
  • Extending SharePoint Designer with Custom Activities
  • Workflow Best Practices

10. Business Data Catalog

  • Business Data Catalog
  • Using BDC Data with Web Parts

11. InfoPath Forms Services

  • InfoPath and SharePoint
  • Handling Data
  • Publishing and Administering Forms
  • Document Information Panels
  • Other Forms Services Scenarios

12. Excel Services and Report Center

  • Excel Services
  • Excel Services Components
  • Excel Web Services
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators


Lab 1: Introduction to Collaboration Portals

  • Create a Collaboration Portal
  • Configure Tabs in the Site Directory

Lab 2: Personalization and My Sites

  • Configure User Profiles
  • Create and Use an Audience
  • Create a Custom People Search Page

Lab 3: Customizing Search Center

  • Create Search Center Sites
  • Customize Search Center with Tabs

Lab 4: Document and Records Management

  • Configure and Use Send To
  • Create and Use Records Center
  • Use Information Management Policies

Lab 5: Introduction to MOSS Publishing

  • Create a New Publishing Portal
  • Create a Page
  • Use Version Control to Manage Changes

Lab 6: Branding

  • Apply the Publishing Features to a New Site Collection
  • Use the Site Master Page Settings Page
  • Edit a Page Layout in SharePoint Designer

Lab 7: Content Types and Page Layouts

  • Create a Column and Content Type
  • Create a Page Layout
  • Create a Publishing Page

Lab 8: Out-of-the-Box Business Process Automation

  • Create a Custom List to Track Project Expenses
  • Configure the Approval Workflow Template

Lab 9: SharePoint Designer Workflows

  • Create a Document Approval Workflow

Lab 10: Business Data Catalog

  • Create an Application Definition with BDC Meta Man
  • Import the Application Definition
  • Use the Business Data in a Team Site

Lab 11: InfoPath Forms Services

  • Prepare a Team Site for Use with an InfoPath Form Template
  • Create a Form Template in InfoPath 2007
  • Publish and Use the Form Template

Lab 12: Excel Services

  • Prepare a New Site Collection
  • Configure the Shared Services
  • Use the Personal Monthly Budget Workbook with Excel Services


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