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Implementing HP A-Series Networks On-Site Training

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Implementing HP A-Series Networks

Course Description/Agenda

Discover the advanced features required in enterprise-level networks and how they can be implemented in HP Networking A-Series switches and routers in this course. You will learn the concepts and skills necessary to install, maintain, and troubleshoot an HP A-Series enterprise-level network.


  • HP ASE - Network Infrastructure [2011]
  • HP ASE - Wireless Networks [2011]

What You'll Learn

  • Special VLAN Types: Port-based, Protocol-based, IP-subnet-based, and MAC-address-based VLANs, SuperVLANs, and Isolate-User VLANs
  • IP Gateway Features: Local-proxy-ARP and MSTP + VRRP Redundancy Solution
  • WAN Links: PPP and Frame Relay Fundamentals
  • IP Routing: OSPF Network Types, Multi-Area Networks, and eBGP
  • IP Multicast: IGMP, IGMP Snooping, Multicast VLAN, PIM-DM, and PIM-SM
  • QoS: QoS Policies, ACLs, Prioritization, and QoS applications
  • Network Management: Port Mirroring (Local and Remote), SNMP Configuration, and IMC Fundamentals
  • Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)

Who Should Attend

IT professionals who install, maintain, and troubleshoot HP A-Series networks

Course Prerequisites

  • HP Switching and Routing Technologies

Course Outline

1. VLANs and IP Gateway Features

  • Special VLANs and Local Proxy ARP
  • Configuring MSTP and VRRP
  • Port Link-Type and Frame Handling
  • Reference Manuals for Learning

2. WAN Links

  • PPP
  • Frame Relay

3. IP Routing

  • OSPF network types
  • Multi-Area OSPF
  • eBGP

4. IP Multicast

  • IGMP
  • PIM-DM and PIM-SM
  • IGMP Snooping
  • Multicast VLAN

5. QoS

  • Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • QoS policies
  • Prioritization
  • QoS Applications

6. Network Management

  • Port Mirroring
  • SNMP Review
  • sFlow

7. IRF

  • Configuring and Maintaining


Lab 1: VLANs and IP Gateway Features

  • VLANs
  • MSTP/VRRP Redundancy Solution

Lab 2: WAN Links

  • PPP and Frame Relay

Lab 3: IP Routing

  • OSPF Network Types
  • Multi-Area OSPF
  • BGP

Lab 4: IP Multicast

  • IGMP, IGMP Snooping, PIM-DM, and PIM-SM

Lab 5: QoS

  • Differentiated Services
  • Traffic Accounting and Traffic Mirroring

Lab 6: Network Management

  • Port Mirroring
  • IMC
  • sFlow

Lab 7: IRF


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