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CallPilot 5.0 System Administration and Applications On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

CallPilot 5.0 System Administration and Applications

Course Description/Agenda

In this course, you will learn to set up the CallPilot database and perform day-to-day administration tasks. You'll learn to use Application Builder to create and maintain CallPilot multimedia applications, such as menus and announcements. You will also learn to configure and use Remote Notification Service, Desktop Messaging, Shared Telephone Messaging Service, and Message Forwarding Rule.

What You'll Learn

  • Log into and navigate in CallPilot Manager
  • Use CallPilot Manager for setting up the database
  • Perform day-to-day administration
  • Use Application Builder
  • Configure Remote Notification Service
  • Use Desktop Messaging
  • Use My CallPilot
  • Use Message Forwarding Rule
  • High-level information on Directory Synchronization

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals who set up and administer the CallPilot system database
  • Professionals who configure and use CallPilot administrative features such as CallPilot Application Builder, Unified Messaging, Remote Notification, Messaging Forwarding Rule, and Shared Telephone Messaging Service

Course Outline

1. How It Works

2. Introducing CallPilot Manager

3. Setting Up Database Administration

4. Performing Basic Day-to-Day Administration

5. Introducing Application Builder

6. Using Application Builder Blocks

7. Performing Application Builder Practice

8. Maintaining Applications

9. Setting Up Remote Notification

10. Using Desktop Messaging

11. Using My CallPilot

12. Using Message Forwarding Rule

13. Directory Synchronization Overview


  • Log In to CallPilot Manager and Navigate from the Home Page
  • Configure Restriction Permission List #1
  • Configure Restriction Permission List #2
  • Configure Messaging
  • Set Up Mailbox Classes
  • Create a New User Creation Template
  • Add an Inbound SDN to the SDN Table
  • Add Mailbox Users
  • Use Auto Add
  • Manage the User database
  • Administer Shared Telephone Messaging
  • Create Static Shared Distribution Lists
  • Create Dynamic Shared Distribution Lists
  • Create Nested Shared Distribution Lists
  • Application Builder - Using basic blocks
  • Application Builder - Using system blocks
  • Application Builder - Export and import an application
  • Application Builder - Create an application
  • Perform Application Maintenance
  • Configure Remote Notification
  • Use Desktop Messaging
  • Use My CallPilot
  • Configure Message Forwarding Rule


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