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Splinting the Hand Wrist & Elbow On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Diagnosis and conditions covered in this workshop include fractures, arthritis, contractures, CTDs and wounds. Emphasis is placed on replicating the actual patient environment.

Course Description/Agenda

The art of custom splinting is an often frustrating and challenging skill to master.  Invariably we find our best efforts in a pile of very expensive and awkward to handle mass of materials leaving both our patients and ourselves baffled by the outcome.  Taking control of the materials through understanding their properties, characteristics and “feel”, along with a strong foundation of upper extremity biomechanics and surface anatomy can quickly turn the tables in your favor.  Holding true to the title, these clinicians have created a remarkable formula for mastering splint fabrication in an introductory environment that incorporates ample opportunity to both observe and fabricate

custom splinting, all the while, sharing the dos and don’ts that can only come from 20 years of trial and error.  A fun, relaxed and non-intimidating workshop developed to replace frustrated and baffled with enlightened and confident.  Diagnosis and conditions covered in this workshop include fractures, arthritis, contractures, CTDs and wounds.  Emphasis is placed on replicating the actual patient environment.  Course handouts and labs are designed to allow immediate clinical application of splinting techniques.




*Identify the characteristics, components and “feel” of splinting materials


*Demonstrate and identify the preparation and tools needed for successful splinting.


*Successfully complete the fabrication of finger, hand, wrist and forearm based splints


*Identify the biomechanical and anatomical features of splint design.


*Identify the indications and contraindications for splinting the upper extremity involving contractures, arthritis and CTDs


*Identify the clinical guidelines for splinting including patient evaluation, education and safety





Lot’s of hands-on!  Good opportunity to practice & become comfortable with splinting.”  OTR


“Having never splinted before I can honestly say I am well prepared now -thanks to this course” - PT


“I learned not just how to splint but the why and when to splint as well - in-valuable” - OTR


“Absolutely terrific!  Small class size and equipment and space for everyone; instructor was extremely patient & fun.  I never felt intimidated once.” -COTA 







8:00      Registration -Continental Breakfast

8:30      Anatomy

9:15      Splint Types

10:00   Break

10:15   Splint Materials  

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Therapy Network Seminars
Therapy Network Seminars

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