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Media Planning & Buying Seminars - 4 modules each a half-day On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

These seminars are designed to teach the fundamentals of the media planning and buying process. All major forms of media are covered, including the Internet.

Course Description/Agenda

This program for advertisers, media sales reps, ad agencies and media agencies is designed to teach the fundamentals of the media planning and buying process. All major forms of media are covered, including the Internet. Our 4 module Media Planning & Buying Seminar is scheduled over 2 days. While the modules are intended to be taken in sequence, if you have some familiarity with media terms & concepts as well as a pretty solid understanding of each major medium, feel free to take them in whatever order you like.

You may choose to sign up for any or all 4 of the following:

  • Module #1 Terms & Concepts Day 1, 9AM - 12:30PM
  • Module #2 Media Profiles Day 1, 1:30 - 5PM
  • Module #3 Plan Development/Media Selection Day 2, 9AM - 12:30PM
  • Module #4 Media Buying Day 2, 1:30 - 5PM
Module #1 - Media Terms & Concepts
Basic terms, concepts and formulas are covered, with work sessions putting them to practical use. Some of the concepts included are composition, coverage, ratings, share, gross rating points, reach, frequency, cost-per-thousand, cost-per-point and indices. Attendees learn the relative importance of these concepts, their relationship to each other as well as how they are used in the media evaluation process.
Module #2 - Media Profiles
Each major medium is covered in depth, including spending, outlook, definitions, how each medium is used and its value to the advertiser. Also covered are the problems facing each medium and the potential impact upon the advertiser’s message. Participants are given work sessions that help to reinforce what they have learned about the value of each medium.
Module #3 - Media Plan Development/The Media Selection Process
Participants learn how an advertiser translates their marketing needs into media solutions through the development of media objectives. A work session is provided that puts into practice this step-by-step process.

Attendees next learn how media is chosen. Participants go through the discipline of evaluating each media form and learn how to select a primary, secondary, tertiary, etc. medium. This knowledge enables participants to better understand the process that ad agencies and buying services undertake in making media decisions. Increased understanding helps to strengthen the partnership between the client, their agency/buying service and the media.
Module #4 - Media Buying
Once the media selection process is complete, the buy needs to be executed. What is the timetable for purchasing each medium? What specifications are necessary? How do negotiations take place? What research is available? Participants learn the fundamentals of negotiating the major media forms through class buying assignments.

All 4 modules $1,845
Any 3 modules $1,470
Any 2 modules $1,095
Any 1 module $620

What People Are Saying About Paragon Media Seminars...

“Great seminar. This is a must-take class for anyone on the client side.”

Sr. Advertising & Media Manager
e*Trade Financial

“Excellent program to assist advertisers in developing salient strategies to achieve goals. Will definitely improve agency/client effectiveness in executing strategies that are targeted appropriately and ultimately reduce budget waste.”

Regional Sales Manager
Subaru of America

“I feel I will do a much better job monitoring my agencies media buys and help my franchisees spend their money more effectively as well.”
Field Marketing Leader
Yum Brands (A&W & Long John Silver's Restaurants)

“Instructor was great! She communicates and answers questions with great clarity. Very resourceful. She was born to teach.”
Sales Planner
Tribune Media Net

““This was an excellent class. I thought our presenter was very knowledgeable and I liked that we had case studies/exercises where we could apply what we learned to solidify our understanding of the training.”
Marketing Manager
MTV Networks/VH-1

"This was exactly what I was seeking to help educate myself in terms, buying logic, etc., being someone who oversees the agency and buyers."
Marketing Services Manager
Papa Gino's Inc.

“Super fantastic job - very fluid, dynamic program and presentation style."
Vice President
Hilton Hotels

“Excellent content and well delivered by speaker. Would recommend to other peers in communications."
Manager Marketing Communications

“This was incredibly helpful and relevant to my new role. The instructor really understands media (all forms)."
Manager, Field Marketing
MTV Networks

"I came to this seminar with a very limited insight into the media business. I'm leaving feeling much more confident, knowledgeable and capable as an advertising sales rep."
Account Manager
GoCard Advertising

"This was a great seminar that provided enough information both at a base level of learning and for a higher level of education. I was very impressed with the amount of quality information and the process in which it was shared."
Marketing Manager
Sargento Foods, Inc.

"Great job. Time/money well spent."
Senior Marketing Manager

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and had a great and simple way of communicating complex subjects. Real-life anecdotes were great."
Media Relations Manager
California Pacific Medical Center

"Very thorough. Appreciate very much all the viewpoints offered; client-media planner-buyer."
Research Associate
Media Networks Inc.

"Instructor did a great job in presenting not only the terms but provided specific examples in media planning. The training was tremendously valuable to my national team."
Regional VP
Adelphia Media Services

"An 11 (out of 10) overall!"
Account Manager
Ignited Minds

"I thought the class was very educational and well worth my time and will benefit my understanding of the media world."


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