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Cisco® Building Scalable Cisco® Internetworks (BSCI) On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

The goal of this course is to train network administrators to grow a dramatically increased number of routers/sites using these techniques instead of redesigning the network when additional sites or wiring configurations are added.

Course Description/Agenda

At Course Completion:
After completing this course, students will be able to: - Describe advanced IP addressing to include variable-length subnet mask (VLSM), route summarization, classless interdomain routing (CIDR), basic IP Version 6 (IPv6), and Network Address Translation (NAT) with route maps - Identify advanced IP routing principles including static and dynamic routing characteristics and the concepts of classless routing and network boundary summarization - Configure Routing Information Protocol Version 2 (RIPv2) for a scalable network - Configure Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) for a scalable network - Configure Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) for a scalable multiarea network - Configure Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) for a scalable multiarea network - Manipulate routing updates and packet flow using redistribution, distribution lists, administrative distance, route maps, and policy-based routing - Configure basic Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for internal and external connections to include path selection process, default behavior of BGP, and multihoming

Prerequisite(s) or equivalent knowledge:
Interconnecting Cisco® Network Devices (ICND)
Introduction to Cisco® Networking Technologies
Lesson 1: Network Requirements
Lesson 2: Configuring EIGRP
Introducting EIGRP
Implementing and Verifying EIGRP
Configuring Advanced EIGRP Options
Configuring EIGRP Authentication
Using EIGRP in an Enterprise Network
Lesson 3: Configuring OSPF
Introducing the OSPF Protocol
OSPF Packet Types
Configuring OSPF Routing
OSPF Network Types
Link-State Advertisements
OSPF Route Summarization
Configuring OSPF Special Area Types
Configuring OSPF Authentication
Lesson 4: The IS-IS Protocol
Introducing the IS-IS and Integrated IS-IS Routing
Performing IS-IS Rounting Operations
Configuring Basic Integrated IS-IS
Lesson 5: Manipulating Routing Updates
Operating a Network Using Multiple IP Routing Protocols
Configuring and Verifying Route Redistribution
Controlling Routing Update Traffic
Implementing Advanced Cisco IOS Features: Configuring DHCP
Lesson 6: Implementing BGP
Explaining BGP Concepts and Terminology
Explaining EBGP and IBGP
Configuring Basic BGP Operations
Selecting a BGP Path
Using Route Maps to Manipulate Basic BGP Paths
Lesson 7: Implementing Multicast
Explaining Multicast
IGMP and Layer 2 Issues
Explaining Multicast Routing Protocols
Multicast Configuration and Verification
Lesson 8: Implementing IPv6
Introducing IPv6
Defining IPv6 Addressing
Implementing Dynamic IPv6 Addresses
Using IPv6 with OSPF and Other Routing Protocols
Using IPv6 with IPv4


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