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Writing and Delivering Powerful Presentations On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Learn how to create and deliver powerful presentations.

Course Description/Agenda

Speaking in public is hard because we have built up a lot of myths about the “right” way or “only” way to give a presentation. Learn how to develop, write, and present a speech to reduce nerves and connect with your audience. This is not a software training class.

Learn how to create and deliver powerful presentations.

Public relations, marketing, and business development writers as well as administrative assistants new to presentations or dissatisfied with their slides and performance.

Courage and a willingness to research your topic. In addition, we require that you agree to never, never read your slides.

Next StepsLearn to use Acrobat 8 Professional. You can add music, sounds, illustrations, photographs, and transitions to Acrobat Professional. The Adobe Player is a utility most of us use every day. Adobe Acrobat Pro is a powerful and versatile software tool. Practice, Practice, Practice. Find a safe group that welcomes presentations; Toastmasters is the classic, but you can also find opportunities at user groups, book groups, clubs for everything from knitting to kayaking, the PTA, and even the Public Library.

Five Myths of Public Speaking
Discuss the five ways people sabotage their speaking by following misguided conventions.

  • 2-minute start-up speech. Interview another person in class, introduce them.
  • Participants either stand, sit, or come to front of class.
  • Discussion on what feels comfortable, uncomfortable.
Five Major Presentation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Lack of preparation
  • Lateness
  • Not knowing the audience
  • Using visual aids or PowerPoint Ineffectively
  • Including too much material
Get to Know Your Audience Ask the person who invites you to speak for information about the audience If your contact doesn’t know who the audience is, find out by:
  • Asking questions when you meet the audience
  • Asking the audience what they came for
  • Letting them ask questions as you speak

Determine Your Goal

Discussion of objectives and how to prepare them.

  • Present different kinds of speech topics.
  • Discuss characteristics of speeches that inform, persuade, instruct.

Preparing Your Presentation (Part 1)
  • What’s the objective?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What does the audience need to know when you are done?
  • What is a best way to get to that end.
  • Mind mapping: explanation and description
Your objective is to teach your audience how to balance a checkbook. [or other topic the participants choose.]

Preparing Your Presentation (part 2)
  • Divide your speech into parts that are easily understandable
  • Beginning—different effective beginnings.
Participants write beginning and present it for practice
    Preparing Your Presentation (part 3)
    • Effective ways to develop the middle portion of your speech
    • Participants write middle portion
    • Effective summaries, endings and questions
    • Asking for and handling questions.
    • Summarize as a closing.
    • Say “thank you.”
    Participants write ending and prepare for Q&A

    Present complete 3-minute speech on [topic to be decided]
    Nerves: Making the Most of Them in a Presentation
    Discussion, tips, followed by exercise of a brief presentation

    When NOT to use PowerPoint
    Discussion, tips on improving PowerPoint

    Three components of a successful presentation
    55% of your impression happens in the first three seconds
    38% of your audience pays attention if they like your voice
    7% of the audience will hear only the content.
      Tips for successful handouts


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