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The complexity of selling in today's environment requires you to develop your consultative selling skills to meet sales objectives

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 3 days
Number of Participants:
Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

The complexity of selling in today's environment requires you to develop your consultative selling skills to meet sales objectives. Increasingly, your role is developing into one of value-partner consultant rather than a traditional salesperson.

You will Learn to:

1.  Learn how to move away from the basic selling relationship to a  
     consultative selling and relationship-based customer retention 
2.  Develop your knowledge, skills, and behaviors in your 
     consultative selling role
3.  Learn relationship selling skills which will help you build 
     sustained relationships with important customers by pro-actively 
     anticipating their needs
4.  Develop your consultative selling competencies which will  
     maximize the business relationship with your clients
5.  Sharpen your interpersonal skills and communication behaviors 
     to manage the relationship more effectively

I. Structuring the Consultative Process

   - Parallels and differences to the traditional approach of selling
   - How to educate your customer on their problems
   - How to educate your customer in a way that they want their 
     problems to be solved now

II. Developing Consultative Knowledge and Skills

   - Why the traditional selling approach creates resistance and 
   - How to avoid up to 90% of all objections by using the 
     consultative approach
   - The skills of sales consultants

III. Managing the Customer Relationship to Increase Business

   - Packaging your products and services in a way which invites the 
     customer to do repeat business with you
   - Design and control the information flow in a way which supports 
     repeat business
   - Build your personal network in your customer's company
   - Learn how to sell to other decision-makers through the person 
     you deal with

IV. Competing On Value: Selling Value Performance Instead of Product Performance

   - The no. 1 rule of value-added selling and its practical 
     consequences: the perceived value of services disappears after 
     they are performed, and what you can do about it
   - The no. 2 rule of value-added selling: it is the customer's value 
     perception which counts.


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