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Project Estimating On-Site Training

This course is taught using a combination of lecture, group exercises and instructor feedback (primarily exercise wrap-up)

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 2 days
Number of Participants:
Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

Instructional plan, methods and techniques:

This course is taught using a combination of lecture, group exercises and instructor feedback (primarily exercise wrap-up). The course objectives are met by participants demonstrating mastery of the skills through class discussions and exercise development.

What you will cover:

Introduction to Estimating

  • Estimating Overview

  • History of Estimating

  • Successful Estimating

  • Several Types of Estimating

  • Two Rules of Thumb

  • Estimating Expressions

  • Common Issues Affecting Estimates

  • The Importance of Estimates

  • Overruns

  • Organizational Structures and Estimates

Task Identification

  • The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • The WBS Methods

  • WBS Formats

  • Why Take the Time to Build a WBS

  • Four Major Points to Support Estimate Reliability

      People Factors In Estimating

  • Leadership, Trust and Honesty

  • Authority

  • Leadership Traits

  • The Skills Inventory Matrix

      The Estimating Process

  • Additional Checklists

  • Databases

  • The Steps Involved in Estimating

  • Team Ownership of the Task and Effort Issues

  • Effort Estimating

  • Elapsed Time Estimate

  • Baseline Estimating

  • Estimating Checklist

  • Using Different Estimating Methods

  • Program Evaluation and Review Technique

  • Bottom-Up Estimates

  • Top Down Estimates

  • Scope Reviews

      Project Costs and the Estimating Process

  • Cash Flow Forecast

  • Cost and Budget Plan

  • Reporting Costs and Estimates

  • Variance Report and Cause and Effect Issues

  • Post Completion Audit

  • Standard is Best

      Course Wrap-up


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