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Successful Product Development On-Site Training

This two-day course teaches you techniques to assess new product ideas, determine feasibility, and to define your products

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 2 days
Number of Participants: Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

What's your next new product? How do you link your company's strategies with the new products needed to propel the company to improved profitability and value? And once you've defined those products, how do you get them developed and launched on time and within budget?

This two-day course teaches you techniques to assess new product ideas, determine feasibility, and to define those products. Leveraging the undercurrents of market and customer needs, you are taught the importance of creating superior, differentiated products and services, with true value for the right audience. Then, through learning how to assess and prioritize those needs according to economic measures and within the constructs of the corporate strategy, you'll see how to improve the probability of success for those products.

Our approach to product planning, development, and introduction uses a contemporary methodology that applies best practices in the areas of market and competitive assessments, organizational capabilities, the dynamics of the team, project management, etc. This product planning approach puts all the individual pieces together in a cohesive master product plan, business case, and financial forecast.

As the product evolves, this course explains best-in-class principles, processes, and tools for effectively developing and launching new products and services. It describes the characteristics and challenges for each phase and teaches a methodology for managing inputs, activities, and outputs that lead to critical decision points as development is completed and the product is readied for launch.

Primary course elements include:

  • Phase-gate methods and decisions
  • Methods for conducting Industry, market, and competitive assessments
  • Market and customer driven product definition
  • Composing product requirements
  • Assembling the business case
  • Preparing the master product plan
  • Assimilating the plans from functional organizations
  • Project management tools and techniques
  • Managing scope and content (preventing scope creep)
  • Working effectively with development organizations
  • The product launch, including:
    • Identification of early adopters
    • Priming the sales teams to sell
    • Preparing marketing collateral and content
    • Working with marketing


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