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Fundamentals of Product Management On-Site Training

In this seminar you will learn about the tools, techniques, and best practice approaches to managing products.

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 2 days
Number of Participants: Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

Do y
ou need to learn about the tools, techniques, and best practice approaches to managing products. This beginning-to-end approach used in this course helps you understand how products are invented, developed, launched, and managed throughout their life cycles. This complete perspective on all phases of the product's life equips you with the skills to focus your work, team with others more effectively, and become more productive and competitive.

You are introduced to the disciplines of product planning, product development, the product launch, product life cycle management, and product portfolio management. It reinforces the need to link corporate strategies with customer/market information and product capabilities. Supporting this extremely thorough introductory course is an explanation of product management roles and activities. Through a series of "skill building" exercises and interactions, we equip the participant with key tools and skills, including market research, financial techniques, and cross-functional team building.

Primary course elements include:

  • Defining product management roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding the difference between product enhancements, new products, and breakthrough products
  • Writing and explaining a value proposition
  • An in-class exercise in preparing a positioning statement
  • Product planning techniques, including concept screening, feasibility assessments, and product or service definition
  • How to conduct market and competitor research
  • Learning how to assemble a master product plan for a new or existing product
  • Key phases and decision points using a phase-gate methodology
  • Preparing the preliminary business case
  • Life cycle management tactics - how to interpret information from multiple sources and to use this information to guide the product in the market, including pricing, promotional, and product level adjustments
  • Measuring product financial performance using product management math
  • Understanding cross-functional team roles and responsibilities
  • Portfolio management essentials


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