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Brand Your Life, Live Your Brand® On-Site Training

Shaping your professional & personal reputation

Course Description/Agenda

Obviously, having an excellent reputation is key to professional and personal success.  However, many people don't take the time to develop it or they're not sure how.  Developing your unique personal brand should is not a luxury but an essential step to ensure future success.

Take Control of Your Personal Brand

If you don't define your personal brand others will define it for you.  Often, the personal brand others decide on would not be the personal brand you would have chosen.  This innovative seminar provides valuable insight into the concept of personal branding, first-hand awareness and data of how our personal brand impacts ourselves and our internal and external customers, and provides unique 5-step process to develop a more successful and rewarding personal brand. 

During the seminar participants:

  • Realize the direct correlation between their current personal brand and their capacity for success.

  • Develop a baseline understanding of how a personal brand influences and impacts others.

  • Benchmark their current personal brand. 

  • Self-package and often repackage themselves to promote future success.

  • Create a specific action plan to effectively market and promote their new personal brand.

Brand Your Life, Live Your Brand® Results

Participants return to their workplace motivated with a whole new awareness of how they’re perceived and equipped with the tools to mold this perception in ways that benefit their individual career and your organization's vision.

We all have a Personal Brand, it is either positive, negative or neutral.    Attend this seminar to: 

  • Improve your perceived value in the workplace

  • Increase your notoriety (unique talents, skills and abilities)

  • Build a solid, successful professional reputation

  • Reach higher levels of organizational success

  • Improve relationships with your internal and external customers

Brand Your Life, Live Your Brand® Feedback

Feedback is an integral component of the personal branding process and a vital tool for succeeding in today's competitive work environment.  Prior to the seminar we facilitate anonymous and confidential feedback.  Many times for the first time, participants understand how others truly perceive them.  During the session, we create a controlled and supportive environment to ensure this is a positive and constructive experience.  This process provides participants the essential  information they need to fully expand their career and organizational success.

Brand Your Life, Live Your Brand
® Participant Feedback

  • "Brand Your Life, Live Your BrandÒ  was a powerful experience for our participants.  Last week during a staff meeting, participants were asked to reflect on the impact of your training.  For almost an hour, people described how they were more aware of their own behavior and how they were choosing to change. Thank you again!"

  • "Since taking your class, I'm now reporting to the number six person within my organization.  Your seminar greatly contributed to my success."

  • "An outcome of attending your seminar has been a significant improvement in the quality of my customer interactions."

  • "I really appreciated your seminar. I am now living my new brand.  It was a real eye opener for me and a good wake up call. Thank you for a wonderful program."

  • "My relationship and interactions with my employees has greatly improved as a result of attend


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