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At unexpected times we are tasked with managing the potential fallout of a crisis situation.

Course Description/Agenda

Managing the organizational aspects of a crisis is stressful enough as executives are expected to oversee crisis situations and ensure that the crisis can be resolved. Plant failures that lead to an environmental crisis, human errors that cause a loss of life, corporate scandals and other unforeseen situations can all lead to terribly sensitive situations for a corporation. Professionals who work for publicly traded organizations face some of the toughest scrutiny as shockwaves can decimate a company’s value on the market. How successfully you handle relations with the media during a crisis may make the difference between a catastrophic "public relations disaster" or an opportunity to enhance both your company’s image and your executive standing. There is a "right" way and a "wrong" way to handle a crisis situation with the media. Failing to have a grasp on the right way to handle a crisis can be disastrous for your company, can destroy a corporation’s credibility with the media and can derail an executive career.

This intensive one-day Crisis Media Training workshop focuses on providing team members with current training concepts, tools and skills required to successfully communicate with members of the media during a crisis. These same training skills can be put to use when maintaining general media relations, even when holding press conferences unrelated to a crisis situation. During this training workshop, participants practice by learning how to prepare and deliver a formal statement that might be issued during a crisis media situation. Videotaped "press conferences", interviews, media briefings and other presentations are followed by one-onone coaching sessions designed to provide individual feedback from a training instructor.

Participants will learn to:
  • Maintain a professional image during a crisis situation
  • Properly interact with the media during a crisis
  • Deliver a strong, consistent message with impact
  • Satisfy the media’s needs during a crisis
  • Overcome nervousness representing the organization
  • Enhance projection, body language, eye contact, and gesturing
  • Use presentation media effectively
  • Present accurate information without appearing misinformed
  • Appear knowledgeable and calm under pressure

Class Size: Up to 12
Length: 1 day


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