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Doing Business with Greater China – Understand the Culture On-Site Training

Understand the culture and improve your business relationships

Course Description/Agenda

This seminar is designed to serve U.S. companies that are seeking new business and trade opportunities with China. It is particularly useful for entrepreneurs, business executives, university students, expatriates and their families, as well as anyone with a keen interest in knowing more about China than the news headlines.  We can customize our seminars to meet your specific requests.

·         Chinese history, government, and regional comparisons (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao)

·         Chinese economy (relative to your industry/business sector)

·         Chinese culture, values and traditions

·         Chinese business etiquette and protocol

·         Communication skills and conflict resolution

·         Negotiation, outsourcing, and selling techniques

·         Difference in American vs. Chinese management style

·         Chinese decision making process

·         Preparation for business trips to China

·         Preparation for welcoming Chinese delegation


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