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HVAC Controls & Air Distribution On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Maximize HVAC comfort and efficiency, and keep the people in your building happy!
Day 1 – Control Basics, Troubleshooting & Testing
Day 2 – Practical Solutions for Air Distribution

Course Description/Agenda

Providing comfort to the people in your building is what this seminar is all about. And whether you are blowing heated or cooled air, keeping the temperature consistently comfortable for them is dependent upon you properly managing your HVAC electrical controls and air distribution systems. So we’ve designed this course to help you do just that. During this seminar students will learn how to “control” their controls, and how to use fundamental air distribution principles for achieving consistent HVAC comfort and efficiency in buildings, plants and facilities.

Course Competencies & Learning Objectives:

  • Identify a problem as being Electrical, Mechanical or an Air Distribution issue
  • Understand the basics of electricity as it applies to HVAC systems
  • Read HVAC ladder diagrams and wiring diagrams
  • Troubleshoot line voltage and low voltage problems
  • Properly test operating controls and safety controls
  • Troubleshoot air conditioning & heat pump systems
  • Specify the correct air handling equipment required for the job
  • Properly size HVAC air ducts
  • Determine how many CFM are needed for your system
  • Determine the air mixture condition at the cooling coil
  • Understand the benefits and disadvantages of “short cycling”
  • Control noise problems
  • Avoid air conditioning drafts
  • Test air handling equipment

Course Outline:

I. Basic Electricity

    A. Basic Electricity & Ohm’s Law
    B. Meters & Tools for Taking Electrical Measurements
    C. Electrical Circuits
    D. Series
    E. Parallel

II. Control Circuits
    A. Schematics
    B. Ladder Diagrams
    C. Developing Wiring Diagrams

III. Controls
    A. Overloads
    B. Relays
    C. Contactors
    D. Control Transformer
    E. Starting Relay
    F. Defrost Timer
    G. Thermostat
    H. High Pressure Control
    I. Low Pressure Control
    J. Oil Pressure Control

IV. Troubleshooting
    A. General Troubleshooting Techniques
    B. Common Problem Areas
    C. Commercial Air Conditioning
    D. Heat Pump Control
    E. Pump Down Cycle

V. Determining and Improving Air Flow
    A. 400 cfm per ton
    B. How many square feet per ton?
    C. Air mixture at the cooling coil

VI. Exhaust Air
    A. Positive pressure
    B. Negative pressure

VII. Make-Up Air
    A. Positive pressure
    B. Negative pressure
    C. Conditioning the make up air

VIII. Troubleshooting the Air Distribution System
    A. Temperature difference across the coil
    B. Balance in the system
    C. Short cycling
    D. Duct sizing
    E. Noise
    F. How to use a Ductulator

CEU value: 1.4

Length of Course Instruction: 14 hours (2 days)

Attend Day 1 or Day 2 at a cost of $395.00 per day.


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