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Avoiding Burnout & Managing Workplace Pressure

Course Description/Agenda

It's no secret in the health care industry: Staff members who experience stronger connections and synergy with each other are more satisfied and tend to stay in their jobs longer. Provider organizations which promote staff communication and address the causes of burnout see improved quality of care, reduced costs, and more staff and consumer loyalty.

Our Recharge & Renewal® for Health Care learning events assist health professionals (and their organizations) to take active steps to maintain focus and energy, while improving communications.

Seminar Objectives for Participants:

  • Recharge your energy and re-ignite your passion for health care
  • Strengthen your ability to maintain balance with the demands of the job and your life as a whole
  • Identify and break through old patterns and perceptions which limit your satisfaction, focus and fulfillment at work
  • Learn tools to deal with conflicts or important communications, especially with difficult people
  • Establish routines that sustain your resilience and ability to recharge and renew

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Increased employee retention and reduced absenteeism
  • Fewer costly mistakes due to stress, distraction or miscommunication
  • Enhanced morale, motivation and accountability among team members
  • Increased individual accountability for quality on the job
  • Enhanced quality of patient care
  • Greater patient satisfaction and more referrals


Topics Covered

  • Identifying root causes of burnout and dissatisfaction in the Health Care industry
  • Recharge & Renewal´┐Ż Self-Assessment Survey
  • Energy and You: Identifying energy builders and new routines that lift you every day, both on the job and at home
  • Behavioral Style Survey: Identifying personality tendencies which contribute to stress, conflict, low energy or burnout
  • Conflict and Communication Style: Pinpointing your tendencies in normal situations as well as under pressure
  • Using the Roadmap tool for focus, clarity and conciseness when communicating
  • The Six-Step Feedback Formula for challenging conversations
  • Strengthening your ability to deal with workplace pressure and change
  • Your Personal Action Plan for on-going Discovery and taking your learnings back to work

What People Are Saying

"Thank you for an uplifting seminar with tools I can use. I've been applying new approaches in dealing with medical staff and family members, and have definitely benefited. Learning how to communicate more effectively with different behavioral styles was an eye-opener!"

Nancy R, Caregiver


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