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Defeat Decision Fatigue and Stop Overthinking On-Site Training

This LIVE, virtual course provides you with a better understanding of what’s causing you to overthink decisions and its impact on the choices you make.

Course Description/Agenda

If you feel like you’re being asked to make more decisions than ever, you’re not alone. Shifting business models and fast-changing workplace dynamics have many professionals suffering from decision overload.

Being responsible for making the right call could make anyone anxious. But when decision-making becomes overwhelming — or leaves you trapped in an endless loop of second guessing yourself — you run the risk of making poor choices.

This LIVE, virtual course can help by providing you with a better understanding of what’s causing you to overthink decisions and its impact on the choices you make. You’ll get proven strategies for eliminating stress from the decision-making process and the tools to guide you forward with more confidence to make the right decisions.

What You Will Learn

  • Take the anxiety and stress out of decision-making
  • Avoid worry and getting trapped in the “paradox of choice”
  • Build confidence in your decision-making ability
  • Fight recurring feelings of indecisiveness
  • Break free of the overthinking cycle for good

Workshop Agenda

Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: How Overthinking Affects Our Decisions

  • Identify sources of anxiety and their effects on decision-making
  • Recognize how overthinking can influence our perceptions
  • Control anxieties and respond rather than react
  • Describe basic techniques for removing stress from the decision-making process
  • Explain the “paradox of choice” and why too many options can be problematic

Session 2: Taking the Stress Out of Decision Making

  • Discuss ways to be more resolute when you’re making a decision
  • Apply practical tools for prioritization and narrowing options
  • Cultivate an attitude of mindfulness to combat anxiety
  • Discover ways to involve others, even when you’re the sole decision-maker
  • Use proven techniques to give your brain a break to recalibrate

Session 3: Effective Group Decision-Making

  • Explain how to generate ideas and vet them effectively
  • Discuss ways to give everyone space to bring ideas to the table
  • Identify ways to keep overthinking out of the decision-making process
  • Effectively delegate decisions to empower others



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