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How to Work Better With Difficult People On-Site Training

This LIVE, virtual course will show you how to deal effectively with toxic co-workers.

Course Description/Agenda

Difficult people come in every variety. No workplace is without them. When a colleague exhibits challenging behavior, it not only interferes with that person’s performance — it also affects your ability to get your own job done. Ignoring the rudeness, yelling, shunning, gossiping, complaining, stalling, harassing, bullying, and other difficult behaviors, won’t improve your situation. The negativity will continue to infect you and others.

This LIVE, virtual course will show you how to deal effectively with toxic co-workers. You’ll learn skills that are crucial to your professional success by gaining a better understanding of why people are difficult in the first place — and discovering the most effective ways to respond to problematic behaviors without adversely affecting your career.


  • Identify ways to protect yourself from toxic co-workers
  • Discuss effective ways to respond to problematic behaviors
  • Learn expert techniques for detoxing toxic work environments
  • Discover strategies for building relationships — even with the most difficult people
  • Describe the importance of mental preparation before interacting with a difficult person


Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: Understanding Why People Are Difficult

  • Explain what makes difficult people difficult
  • Recognize the reasons why people exhibit problematic behaviors
  • Discuss how to determine if someone’s behavior is difficult — or if it’s just you
  • Describe why working in a diverse workplace can make people seem difficult
  • List some of the common types of difficult people

Session 2: Examining Your Role in Another Person’s Behavior

  • Identify patterns in your behavior that may contribute to a toxic relationship at work
  • Pinpoint and explore and your own emotional triggers
  • Learn ways to reduce stress by controlling self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Describe how to mentally prepare for dealing with a difficult person

Session 3: Building Better Relationships with Difficult Co-Workers

  • Explain ways to let go of past grievances and why it’s so necessary
  • Identify ways to communicate that help build alliances
  • Describe how to respectfully co-exist with difficult people
  • Learn the art of defusing difficult people with positive language
  • Discuss how to use persuasive language to strengthen relationships


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