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The Conference for Adobe® Photoshop® Users On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Attend this conference and you’ll learn the hottest design techniques by having a Photoshop guru demonstrate the steps, sharing his or her hard-learned secrets, tips and tricks.

Course Description/Agenda

You’ll learn …

  • How to get the most out of the multitude of tools packed into this awesome application
  • Tips on cutting your production time significantly with the help of Photoshop gurus’ tips and shortcuts … no more deadline panic!
  • Ways you can avoid the techno-glitches that can destroy hours of your hard work
  • How to produce out-of-this-world special effects that will leave other designers scratching their heads
  • How to manage your settings and files across multiple computers with Adobe® Creative Cloud®

How’d they do that? Like most designers, you probably devour new attention-riveting images for hints you can use to create your own design masterpieces. Attend this conference and you’ll learn the hottest design techniques by having a Photoshop guru demonstrate the steps, sharing his or her hard-learned secrets, tips and tricks. This information-packed event will help design, photography and Web professionals at all experience levels be more creative, work faster and produce better images with Photoshop.

The conference is set up in a convenient two-track format, with 10 dynamic sessions to choose from. Attend one track from start to finish, or mix and match sessions to meet your needs.


Touring the Photoshop environment

  • Learn how to collapse, expand, move, resize and even change panels the easy way
  • Discover how to access Photoshop’s most important tools through the valuable Tools Panel
  • Photoshop’s impressive Applications, Status and Options bars—explained!
  • The many ways you can arrange multiple images on the screen with the new Arrange Documents option

Customizing your Photoshop

  • Ways to customize your workspace to suit your needs and work flow
  • Create, save and switch workspaces
  • How to swap out your Screen Mode to create more room to view your image
  • Use the easy Migration tool to import or export custom presets and settings or upload them to Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Uncover keyboarding shortcuts the experts use and take advantage of key preference settings including tunable Auto Save and crash recovery that’ll help you protect your work and get more done faster
  • Using the history function: How to record all the changes you make to an image

Taking the mystery out of layers

  • Make sense of the mysterious world of layers and other features that can make image editing a snap
  • Get grounded in the basics—everything from how to make layers transparent and utilize fill layers to how to move and stack layers
  • How to copy an object in one layer and paste it in the exact same location in another using the Paste in Place feature
  • How to merge, link and color-code layers
  • Take advantage of the new Color Lookup adjustment layer to quickly give your project a variety of different looks

It’s all in the selection

  • What the Marquee, Lasso, Quick Selection and Crop tools do—and when and how to use each
  • Little-known ways to precisely move, manipulate, slice, invert, grow, rotate and scale images—without wasting valuable time
  • Got a background or image you’re not crazy about? See how to delete it with the new Content-Aware Patch tool
  • Explore the latest intelligent selection technology that will allow you to make precise selections

Let Photoshop bring out the creativity in you

  • Learn how to quickly and easily retouch images the way the experts do
  • Repair and restore techniques that’ll really boost your creativity into the stratosphere
  • How to add special effects to bring life to ho-hum text
  • How to simplify painting with new presets that offer a good starting point for creating realistic painting effects
  • Ways to add dramatic lighting, effects, shadows and highlights to images
  • How to frame your photos for that super-professional, “finished” look


Tapping the creative power of layers, masks and channels

  • Get the job done faster, more creatively and without the frustration (and failures) using Photoshop’s innovative Layers Palette
  • Step-by-step how-to’s for using multiple layers, layer masks, blend modes and other options to turn out great-looking images
  • Take advantage of the new ability to search layers by Kind, Name, Effect, Mode, Attribute and/or Color
  • Apply the Puppet Warp feature to image layers and masks to warp and stretch any object to create amazing new looks for your designs

Ready to upgrade? Here’s the buzz on Photoshop’s most useful features

  • Trying to decide whether to upgrade to the latest version of Photoshop? Valuable information you’ll want to know
  • A firsthand look at some of Photoshop’s best new features
  • How to automatically align 3-D objects to the vanishing point in your image
  • Crop images easier, faster and with greater accuracy using the nondestructive Crop tool
  • Discover how to use the Content-Aware Move tool to easily relocate objects in a photo like magic
  • Use Photoshop’s on-image controls to quickly create photographic blur effects

Turn so-so images into sensational ones! Picture-perfect touch-ups

  • How to use the advanced intelligent selection technology to make complex selections quickly and easily
  • Learn how the new Content-Aware Patch tool goes beyond the Content-Aware Fill tool by allowing you to select the area to sample from when removing unwanted objects
  • Ways to sharpen images … perfect skin tones … and make dynamic nondestructive adjustments to your images
  • Solved! No more struggles with dialog boxes that lock you in and make it hard to execute needed adjustments—it’s all explained here.
  • How to perform digital “makeovers” on the people in your images

The secrets to great color and stunning special effects

  • Creative ways to enhance your image’s color
  • Learn how to kick Photoshop into high gear and start creating flawless projects that pack a punch
  • Easy-to-remember tips for controlling the colors and lights in your work environment
  • How to work with the new Content-Aware Extend tool to easily create dramatic special effects
  • How to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) images that range from photorealistic to surreal
  • Discover how to drag a shadow to reposition the light source and easily edit ground reflections, shadows and other effects

How to save time by automating Photoshop

  • How to use the Actions Panel to automate time-consuming and even complicated actions
  • How to create Tool presets to remember your most-used settings and speed up work flow
  • Using Layer Comps to create multiple versions of your project in a single file
  • A powerful way to rename bulk files in an orderly system and create a Smart collection that automatically includes all photos that meet the criteria you set


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