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Website Optimization: Secrets to Achieving Incredible Results! On-Site Training

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Secrets to improving your site so you achieve incredible results!

Course Description/Agenda

Are You Convinced Your Website Is Generating the Results You Want?

The plain truth is that MOST Websites do NOT achieve their full potential. They’re oftentimes confusing. They don’t create a friendly, helpful experience for site visitors. They don’t get all the conversions they should. And if all that’s not bad enough – most Websites receive only a mere fraction of the traffic they’re capable of attracting!

Why settle for so-so results from your Web efforts, when you can get AMAZING results?

Settling for less than what’s possible doesn’t make any sense. That’s why we developed the Website Optimization seminar – to give you the edge you need to pump up the power in your Website and achieve incredible results!

Whatever you’d like to improve, this training will help ... including:

  • Catch up on the latest technology and tools available to you
  • Drive more people to your site
  • Track your online competitors – and "outcompete" them
  • Deliver exceptional service to site visitors
  • Make small tweaks to create a friendlier, easier-to-use site
  • Get more leads and/or convert more sales
  • Integrate social media into your Website plan for greater results
  • Gain more exposure on search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • And much, much more!

It’s time you expected and got MORE from your Website. This training will show you how!

One day at the Website Optimization seminar is all it takes to get the jump-start you need to dramatically improve your Website ... and the results you achieve.

Stop settling and start experiencing remarkable Website success! Enroll in this powerful training today!

What You'll Learn

  • Drive More Site Traffic
  • Improve Your Users’ Experience On Your Site
  • Optimize Search Engine Exposure
  • Explore the Benefits of Adding More Relevant Content
  • Integrate Social Media Effectively
  • Discover Design Tweaks That Can Double Results
  • Increase Conversions!
  • Improve Overall Web Results!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Real Websites ... Real-Time Reviews
We could spend the entire workshop preaching the theories of powerful Website development and design. Snooze – right? Yeah, that’s not our style.

Get ready for a whirlwind tour of Websites that really sizzle ... and those that really fizzle. You’ll get tons of great ideas that you can make your own, and learn to avoid the effectiveness robbing
traps that others have fallen into.

We’ll be sure to review a wide variety of Websites directed to all sorts of audiences and industries ... after all, good ideas can come from anywhere! And we’ll teach you where to go to find great ideas on your own after the workshop ends.

Top Design Tweaks: Improve Your Site in Seconds!
OK, to be fair, we’re not promising that you can turn your site from so-so to sensational in seconds: some strategies will take time and major rework.

But sometimes mere tweaks can make a pretty big difference in your results. From simplifying navigation bars to adding a "pop color" to your action buttons to dumping excess copy ... you’ll learn smart tweaks that can make a big impact fast!

Course Agenda

I. Identifying Your Website Objectives

  • What do you want your Website to accomplish?
  • How does your Website compare to top producing sites? Do you like what you see?
  • You can’t feature everything: time to determine what’s most important
  • Understanding site visitors and what they want from you
  • The importance of a unique value proposition

II. Your Home Page and Key Landing Pages

  • Clarity, clarity, clarity, and consistency! Can we be more clear?
  • The critical role your home page plays
  • Where are your visitors landing on your site? Does the landing page match their needs and interests? How to know for sure
  • Pre-design: how to create on-target page wireframes
  • Why a designer should never, never, never be in charge of deciding what’s emphasized most on a page!
  • Mega Website blunders and how to avoid them!
  • When Flash is bad for your site (hint: it’s often used incorrectly!)
  • Establishing element dominance through size, color, shape, motion, and position on the page
  • Eye-path direction – how to guide your visitors’ eyes where you want them to go
  • Headlines and copy that intrigue visitors and readers ... and improve SEO

III. Analytic Basics: The Stats and Tools You Need to Know

  • Performance measurement: what do you know about your site today?
  • What Google Analytics can and can’t do for you
  • CTRs and conversion rates
  • Conversion path mapping
  • Mistakes that can cause abandons to spike
  • How much time are visitors spending on your site? It matters!
  • Unique visitors vs. total visitors
  • Testing fundamentals

IV. Driving Quality Site Traffic

  • Where does most of your existing site traffic come from? Why that’s important
  • Organic vs. PPC Search – What’s the difference?
  • Secrets to getting higher page ranks from the search engines
  • Keyword strategies and tools
  • Become a link magnet – and watch search rankings results climb!
  • Quick and easy tips for getting started with PPC on Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • PPC on a small budget? Yup – you can do it!

V.Web Content and Social Engagement: It’s a Whole New Ball Game!

  • Blogging for business – what works, what doesn’t
  • What makes "great content" great?
  • Video elements – great and not-so-great uses
  • Viral content strategies that really work
  • Content/information sharing – be a valuable member within your virtual communities
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and more: driving site traffic from social forums


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