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Critical Business Communication Skills On-Site Training

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Critical situations call for impeccable communication skills. Just one blunder could leave your reputation in tatters. Learn the secrets you need to be a powerful, confident communicator when it matters MOST to you and your career.

Course Description/Agenda

Communication skills can make or break your career. What are yours doing for you?

You’ve heard it time and again. Communication skills are what make and break careers. One communication blunder and your image — no, reputation — is in the trash. And let’s face it, people simply don’t forgive and forget when we say the wrong thing.

Think about it. Have you ever stood silently while someone else got credit for YOUR great idea? Have you ever stuck your foot in your mouth and beat yourself up for days over it? Have you ever stressed when talking to upper management?

People just like you face situations just like this (and even more) every day. It’s up to you to make the most out of these opportunities. And having the confidence to know what to say is your key to long-term career success. That’s where this workshop comes in.

Turn every meeting ... e-mail ... and conversation into opportunity. We’ll show you how.

With so many opportunities riding on what you say, you simply must have effective communication skills. In fact there is no other skill set more important to your career and financial success than your ability to influence, motivate, and effectively communicate with a variety of people in a variety of business settings and situations.

In just one day you’ll gain the critical skills you need to deliver engaging presentations — write e-mails that are clear, concise, and convey the message you intend; increase your personal presence in a room of business professionals; express your ideas with confidence and power — and that’s just the beginning!

More respect and recognition can be yours ... if you know these secrets.

Just imagine how great it would feel to gain your colleagues’ respect — and how your career would benefit if you could present your ideas clearly and powerfully, could get any audience to buy in to your ideas, and could build instant rapport with everyone you meet. This workshop is chock-full of the most essential communication secrets you need to handle every situation that comes your way.

Enroll today and learn the secrets you need to be a powerful, confident communicator when it matters MOST to you and your career.

What You'll Learn:

  1. Persuade others to your way of thinking and gain their cooperation.
  2. Shine in meetings by presenting your ideas powerfully and confidently.
  3. Write e-mails that grab your reader’s attention and get results.
  4. Communicate assertively to get what you want without seeming pushy.
  5. Establish immediate rapport with coworkers and other professionals.
  6. Make stand-out presentations that earn rave reviews.
  7. Maintain a professional tone in your e-mails so you don’t offend anyone.
  8. Increase the amount of information you receive from any exchange through active listening.
  9. Gain the confidence to ask for what you want and get it!
  10. Make the most out of networking events by working the room with confidence.
  11. Speak fluently and assertively even under stress and anxiety.

Workshop Agenda:

Assertive Communication: Establish Credibility and Project Confidence

  • Simple ways to build confidence in yourself
  • How to announce your ideas confidently and effectively
  • Strategies for projecting confidence and authority through your body language
  • The secret to asking for what you want and getting it!
  • How to say NO and not feel guilty
  • Guidelines for giving and receiving feedback
  • Assertive responses for common workplace scenarios

Activate Your Listening Skills

  • How excellent listening skills can expand your personal power
  • Tips for using "attentive silence" to free the speaker to think and express
  • Are you unintentionally shutting out important information or feedback? Here’s how to stop it
  • How to harness the 4 key skills of master listeners
  • Foolproof tips for reading body language and nonverbal cues
  • What to do when the person you’re listening to is a person who won’t stop talking

Become a Valuable Player in Meetings

  • Meeting preparation — why it’s a must!
  • Proven strategies for calming your nerves before speaking
  • Tips to constructively sharing your ideas and thoughts
  • Surefire techniques for getting others to see your point of view — and winning them over
  • Foolproof tips for standing your ground when disagreements arise
  • Strategies for handling people who interrupt you
  • Meeting etiquette everyone should follow

Deliver Powerful Presentations

  • Guidelines for developing and organizing presentation content
  • How to capture an audience’s attention immediately
  • Expert tips for selecting the right tone and pitch
  • Planning and preparing strong beginnings and endings in your presentations
  • Proven strategies for reaching reluctant and uninterested audiences
  • The secrets to reducing stress and anxiety before presenting
  • How to respond professionally to questions from the audience

E-mail Writing Tips From the Pros

  • Seven common errors people make when writing an e-mail and how to avoid them
  • Generating rock-solid subject lines, openings, and endings
  • Tips for maintaining a professional tone when writing e-mails
  • Two big benefits of writing clear, concise e-mails and how to do it
  • Key tips for writing shorter e-mails that still get your message across
  • Situations when e-mail is inappropriate
  • Three things all good e-mail messages have in common

Making the Most Out of Networking

  • Foolproof tips for making a positive first impression


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