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How to Handle Difficult People On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Dont miss this one-day seminar that teaches you how to work effectively with even the most difficult, demanding, hard-to-get-along-with people on the planet!

Course Description/Agenda

Dealing with certain people day after day can be incredibly frustrating, dont you think? Especially because you consider yourself a team player, and youve always figured you could get along well with all kinds of people. That was until you had to work with them.

Theyre the people who often are uncooperative, uncommunicative, uncompromising and just plain unpleasant to work with. Theyre the people who probably flunked works well with others on their grade-school report cards. In short, theyre difficult people, and we all know who they are.

Arent you tired of the stress and aggravation that difficult people are causing you?

No one needs to remind you about the stress these kinds of people can inflict on you you may have experienced it just this morning! Its not fun. Worse, its unproductive. And the really frustrating part is that there just doesnt seem to be a thing you can reasonably do about your situation.

Dont you wish those infuriating people would just go away? Of course, thats about as likely as a bad toothache just fixing itself.

Difficult people wont go away, but your frustration can!

How to Handle Difficult People is a no-pressure, hassle-free day where youre encouraged to voice your concerns and be heard. A day where your individual challenges will be addressed by a trainer whos been there one who is understanding, knowledgeable, compassionate, and fun!

Youll leave this idea-packed day refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to work more productively with anyone.

This training is PACKED with tons of practical tips guaranteed to make working with difficult people A LOT easier!

Youll learn how to

  • Identify the top 10 types of difficult people and learn on-target techniques to deal with each type.
  • Keep your head and stay cool in every situation.
  • Resolve any conflict with a simple step-by-step approach.
  • Use just the right words and phrases to get the results you want.

Youll get all that and much, much more in a lively, lecture-free day. And youll have the opportunity to practice and rehearse phrases and strategies before trying them out for real in your workplace.

Its a great day of training you simply dont want to miss!

What You'll Learn:

  • Why some people are just so doggone difficult ... and how to get them to lighten up
  • The 10 most difficult of the most difficult types of people to work with and how to turn them into pussycats (well, almost!)
  • 3 cant miss strategies guaranteed to help you bring out the best response in a person
  • The classic weapons difficult people use and how to conquer them
  • How to avoid the trap of others thinking youre the difficult person!
  • What to say when phrases thatll come in handy next time youre trapped in a tough conversation with a difficult person and much, much more

Who Should Attend?

  • Supervisors, managers and department heads
  • Team leaders
  • Anyone who wants to deal more effectively with negative, hard-to-work-with people who are making everyone miserable!

Workshop Agenda:

I. Understand what motivates the difficult people you work with

  • 10 most common types of difficult people and why they do what they do
  • Coping strategies for dealing effectively with each difficult type
  • How to counteract typical weapons that difficult people use
  • An easy 3-step plan for overcoming resistance to new ideas, opinions, and processes
  • Recognizing the consequences of not dealing with difficult people

II. Predict and prepare for confrontation and conflict

  • 5 dangerous myths about communicating with difficult people
  • Could you be part of the problem? How to keep your expectations realistic
  • Phrases that can inadvertently provoke difficult behavior
  • Body language that clues you in to a confrontation or conflict thats brewing
  • A simple step-by-step plan for constructive confrontation

III. Stay calm, cool, and in control, no matter what

  • 4 questions to ask yourself about a confrontational situation to help you keep your head
  • How to use your anger as a positive tool
  • 5 steps to a meaningful idea exchange when you just cant get through
  • 7 proactive keys to conquer even the strongest resistance in others

IV. Minimize even eliminate the likelihood of difficult encounters

  • Active-listening skills that help you find the root cause of conflict
  • Communication techniques that can head off difficult encounters before they boil over
  • 3 ways to bring out the best response in anyone
  • Easy persuasion strategies that really work
  • 10 steps to constructive criticism thats powerful and positive

V. Learn from difficult encounters ... and beware of potentially violent behavior

  • 3 keys to permanently resolve any conflict
  • Youre not a loser! How to neutralize your emotions after a tough encounter
  • Recognizing the escalating scale of violent behavior and indicators of potential violence
  • Preventive measures that can reduce the chance of violence in your workplace
  • Your Personal Action Plan for successfully handling difficult people from now on


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