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Keys to Effectively Supervising People On-Site Training

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Introducing an intensive day of training that delivers the solid success skills you need to get exceptional results supervising people

Course Description/Agenda

Master the solid supervisory skills you need to be more effective — and get incredible results!

Building your supervisory skills by trial and error is a frustrating, time-consuming way to learn how to be a better manager. "Winging it" is extremely risky, because mistakes you can easily make along the way could cost you your career in management. When you attend Keys to Effectively Supervising People, you’ll be immersed in the "must-have" supervisory techniques, tools and solutions you need to be a more effective supervisor. The rock-solid skills you’ll learn will make a tremendous impact on your success as a manager — today and throughout your career.

Get Solutions for Today’s Most Common Supervisory Challenges
You’ll learn to …

  • Turn around problem employees and underachievers
  • Develop a high-performance team that will go to the wall for you
  • Boost personal productivity sky-high by eliminating costly time-wasters in your day
  • Motivate your people to work harder, faster and more efficiently
  • Become a more confident leader who is positioned for success

Gain solid skills that’ll boost your effectiveness immediately
You’ll spend an intensive training day focused on mastering crucial supervisory skills — the most important of the most important. You’ll gain incredible insights, stretch the way you think about supervision and leave permanently changed. Armed with the powerful skills you’ll learn, you’ll give stronger feedback, solve "people problems" quickly, give clear directions, motivate employees to give their all and lead an enthusiastic team of achievers who are willing to follow you anywhere.

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the supervisory success and respect you deserve.
Keys to Effectively Supervising People will benefit you, your team and your entire organization — not to mention what it will do for your career in the long run. Why risk "winging it" when you can get the crucial skills you need to be a more effective, more successful leader in just one day of training?

What You'll Learn:

  1. Empower team members to stop bringing you problems — and start bringing you solutions.
  2. Adopt the "success habits" of top leaders and becom emore effective overnight
  3. Deal proactively with complainers, bad attitudes, know-it-alls and other problem employees and save yourself time and grief.
  4. Use active listening techniques to dramatically improve your communication effectiveness.
  5. Implement motivation strategies proven to increase employee productivity and efficiency.
  6. Establish your credibility as a leader — and earn the respect you deserve.
  7. Give crystal clear directions and avoid costly mistake sand misunderstandings.
  8. Recognize key legal considerations of firing an employee — and sidestep costly lawsuits.
  9. Save tons of time through the effective use of voice mail, e-mail and fax.
  10. Delegate the right tasks to employees for a huge boost in your personal productivity.
  11. Use a step-by-step method to give productive feedback that results in positive behavior change.
  12. Develop mutual respect and trust with your employees for a more positive work climate.
  13. Increase your visibility in your organization and get credit for the hard work you do.
  14. Speak more powerfully and confidently in meetings and watch your influence grow.
  15. Confront rule-breakers in a productive way for a positive outcome instead of a nasty scene.
  16. Use savvy interviewing techniques to find winning employees for your team.
  17. Focus your efforts on that which makes the greatest impact and get more done each day.
  18. Connect with employees with specific communication techniques and build stronger relationships.
  19. Give sincere praise to employees on the spot and see morale improve dramatically.
  20. Establish a career plan that will turn your professional dreams into reality.

Workshop Agenda:

Essential Leadership Skills That Boost Managerial Effectiveness
  • "Success habits" top leaders have adopted into their routine
  • Recognizing emotional requirements of being a successful supervisor
  • How to build on leadership strengths you’ve identified — and shore up weaknesses
  • Common leadership mistakes supervisors make and how to avoid them
  • Are you everyone’s buddy? How to maintain the right amount of distance between you and your employees

Communication Techniques Every Supervisor Should Know

  • Communication skills that help you "connect" with employees
  • Your role in keeping the lines of communication open at all times
  • Active listening techniques guaranteed to drastically improve communication effectiveness
  • Words and phrases that can destroy your credibility and authority — and what to say instead
  • How to give crystal clear directions employees will understand the first time
  • Pointers for speaking more powerfully and confidently in meetings

Turning Problem Employees and Underachievers Into Positive Contributors

  • 9 ways to eliminate unsatisfactory behavior
  • Techniques for dealing proactively with specific problem employees: Complainers, know-it-alls, bad attitudes, excuse-makers, gossips and others
  • Should you intervene when coworkers bicker or have personality clashes, and if so how?
  • Dealing with the work effects of an employee’s personal problems
  • How-to’s for a professional, productive employee confrontation
  • Steps for using progressive discipline — and how to document your actions
  • When firing seems imminent: Key legal considerations you MUST understand

Proven Strategies for Building a High-Performance Team


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