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How to Manage Emotions On-Site Training

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Secrets to staying calm and emotionally in control in any situation ... no matter how high the heat!

Course Description/Agenda

You’re human, and so are the people you work with. And, like it or not, we are all guided and influenced to a great extent by our emotions.

You can’t check your feelings at the office door. No one can. But you CAN learn to manage your state of mind so that you remain constructive and productive … even when those around you are falling apart.

Warning! Moods in the Workplace – Productivity Will Suffer!
Inappropriate moods and emotions are powerful forces that can cripple even the most brilliant career. One outburst can label you as “moody,” “difficult,” or “childish.”

Think about how you feel when you encounter the “hothead,” the “whiner,” or the “walking soap opera” in the workplace. Countless hours of productivity are lost due to emotional wrangling. Everyone suffers … employees, supervisors, and customers.

Do Not Ignore Emotions – Learn to Deal With Them
Of course, you can’t ignore or bury your emotions either. When disappointment, resentment, and frustration build up, they result in unplanned outbursts. Internal tension explodes, creating more pressure and embarrassment. Living with this level of stress is not only bad professionally but also dangerous to your physical health.

Your Reputation Is on the Line. Do You Really Want to Risk Damaging Your Credibility?
Emotional management, like every other business skill, takes training and practice. It doesn’t come naturally to most people. You may not even know you need it, until something happens … you burn out, walk out, or flip out. Why risk it?

You work hard. You’re good at what you do. Don’t let emotional baggage or habits sabotage your reputation.

This Training Is So Powerful, You Will Be Dramatically More Successful. GUARANTEED.
When you attend How to Manage Emotions, you’ll not only learn how to manage your own feelings, even in high-pressure situations, but you’ll also gain special insight into how to cope with other people’s emotions. And that’s a skill that’ll make you more successful in every area of your personal and professional life. Guaranteed.

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn how to calmly express your ideas and concerns without feeling overwhelmed by your emotions.
  • Control your feelings and make smarter choices.
  • Feel and act confident ... you won’t hesitate or shy away from emotional situations. You’ll know exactly what to do.
  • Learn that you’re not alone ... everyone else in the program can relate to what you’re going through.
  • Know when it’s best to back away or intervene in a tense situation.
  • Earn respect by competently and clearly communicating with co-workers and supervisors.
  • Discover the hidden reasons for emotional outbursts and how to actually use these as opportunities to build a team.
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something productive to change the situation.
  • Find out what’s really behind frustration and anger … the answer might surprise you.
  • Learn to handle the “crisis” junkie who thrives on chaos and commotion.
  • Discover your own potential as an emotional “problem child.” Could you be one and not even know it?
  • Think fast … arm yourself with techniques to help you cope in a crisis.
  • Stop letting negative emotions drag you down.
  • Attitude is everything ... find out how to fake what you don’t necessarily feel.
  • Prepare to be surprised ... keys to remaining calm in the midst of the unexpected.

Workshop Agenda:

Understanding the Emotions That Hold You Back

  • The positive and negative effects of emotions in the workplace
  • Changing how you respond, even when your mind doesn’t want to
  • How to neutralize paralyzing emotions
  • Overcoming tears, anger, rage, and self-pity
  • Getting your point across without losing control
  • 5 emotional myths that handicap you

How to Deal With Others’ Negative Emotions

  • 7 keys to richer relationships
  • How-to’s for dealing with backstabbing, gossip, and resentment
  • Active-listening skills guaranteed to give you the upper hand
  • Constructive confrontation for when the other guy is mad
  • Coping with crisis – even when everyone loses control
  • Minimizing antagonistic behavior

Communication Skills for Dealing With Emotionally Charged Situations

  • The 3 C’s of conflict communication
  • 4 keys to direct communication, and some habits you may want to break
  • Improving your indirect communication
  • Savvy speaking skills for getting through tense situations

Preparing for Confrontation, Conflict, and Other Tough Situations

  • Getting to the real issues – defining the problem
  • 7 principles for maintaining positive relationships during disagreements
  • 4 steps for getting beyond the fear of confrontation
  • The top 5 times when you shouldn’t confront
  • Understanding the 4 causes of conflict AND how to defuse them
  • Conflict-resolution skills everyone should master
  • How to deal with conflict-related stress
  • 3 growth opportunities that conflict offers and how to benefit from them

Dealing With the Big “A”: Anger

  • Understanding the 3 dimensions of anger
  • 4 facts you must know about anger
  • The 4-stage anger-management strategy
  • 3 ways to deal with anger appropriately
  • Unacknowledged anger: What to do with a ticking time bomb

Stress-Reduction Strategies and Solutions

  • Stress and burnout: How to keep them at bay
  • Learn unique time-management techniques guaranteed to add hours to your day
  • Find out if they’re asking too much of you and what you can do about it
  • Are you agreeable or dependable? Confusing the two can spell disaster – find out here
  • How to use the stress-management strategy of “coping” on and off the job

Achieving Emotional Balance for Phenomenal Success

  • A 5-step process for reclaiming your self-esteem
  • Self-talk: Could what you’re telling yourself be getting you nowhere?
  • How-to’s for handling your emotions in every situation


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