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2 Day Advanced Copywriter's Workshop On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Looking for a fresh perspective? Don’t miss this highly acclaimed course – it’s guaranteed to take you to new writing heights for unparalleled success.

Course Description/Agenda

You’ve mastered the basics. Now get ready to achieve copywriting fabulosity!

Call it what you want: sensational … sharp … sizzlin’ hot. Bottom line: It’s irresistible copy that grabs your readers’ attention – keeps it – and gets the response you need.

It’s the next step in copy greatness – the edge you get when you attend the all-new Advanced Copywriting Workshop.

The premiere, creative event for copywriting professionals, the Advanced Copywriting Workshop is the leading training course for copywriting pros who understand the importance of staying on the cutting edge. It’s supercharged with fresh copy techniques for writing tight, targeted copy that delivers phenomenal results.

Be more creative. Be more on-target. Be more successful. On every project.
This incredible workshop delves deep into the psychological core of writing – getting to the heart of your customers and persuading them to take action.

You’ll master key creative tactics for tapping into emotional hooks and shaping your customers’ attitudes. You’ll see how the wrong words wreck your credibility and how easy substitutes instantly make you believable AND trustworthy.

Escape from your copy routine with these revolutionary strategies in writing.
Even the best writers get stale, churning out the same-old phrases and humdrum paragraphs day after day after day.

The best cure for breaking free from the predictable: Practice something new! This highly interactive workshop gives you tons of hands-on practice that bring these innovative strategies to life.

Even better, you get ample time to chat with peers who really “get” the dilemmas you face … copy pros who bring fresh perspectives on achieving success in the only place it really counts: the real world!

The competition is tougher than ever. Don’t get lost in the crowd– enroll today.
Breaking through all the advertising clutter of traditional and e-media is tougher than ever before. You simply can’t rely on yesterday’s skills to get the results you’re looking for today.

Get the edge you need to achieve phenomenal results. Make plans to attend today.

Attend this Intensive Course and You’ll Learn How to …

  • Creative tactics for tapping into emotional hooks and shaping your customers’ attitudes
  • Revolutionary strategies for breaking free from the copywriting rut
  • The edge you need to achieve phenomenal results
  • Cutting-edge tips on idea generation and block-busters that get the juices flowing
  • Power phrases and words that immediately impact your message
  • Tips on sounding credible and believable to a world full of skeptics
  • Resources you can use for “instant” ideas
  • Tons of hands-on practice for greater retention
  • Proven strategies for getting to the heart of your customers every time
  • Updates on the latest changes in grammar and proofreading guidelines

Conference Agenda

Creative Strategy: Tips on Getting Started

  • Think twice, type once: the importance of planning
  • Building revisions in your plan
  • Questions you should always have answered BEFORE you start writing
  • Idea generation and block-busters – great tips to get your juices flowing

Writing Tips for Creating Killer Copy

  • Writing techniques that create a response
    • Exaggerate your message
    • Show it with words
    • Tell a story
    • Demonstrate your sell
    • Use drama
    • Create a character
    • Use the shock factor
    • Use emotions: fear, failure, success, hope
    • AND MORE
  • Shaping attitudes: Get them to think what you want them to think
  • How your medium impacts emotion
  • Using the emotional/rational scale to get to the heart of the matter
  • How to sound credible and believable to a world full of skeptics
  • Using “conversation” in your copy to get and keep them hooked
  • Call to action – tried-and-true tips to get your customers to respond

Keep Your Audience Glued to Your Copy

  • Using imagery to get and keep attention
  • Power phrases and words that immediately impact your message
  • Words and phrases that are old news to customers
  • How and when to use stories to get your message across
  • Statistics: When they’ll help and when they’ll hurt

Ensure Understanding and Readability

  • Ordering your words for easy reading
  • Using sentence order to enhance clarity and understanding
  • Putting your copy blocks in order – what makes sense for your message?
  • How to measure your prose readability when counting words isn’t enough
  • Structuring your sentences and paragraphs for maximum impact

Advanced Techniques in Editing

  • Say again? Checking how your copy “sounds”
  • Tips on cutting the “fat” from your copy
  • How to handle feedback and critiques from clients, peers, and customers
  • Keeping your copy up-to-date with the latest changes in grammar and proofreading
  • Adding final touches to your copy to keep it active and conversational

Drive-Through Copy: Writing on a Tight Deadline

  • How to stay motivated on a tight deadline
  • Tips on opening your mind and letting the ideas flow
  • Shortcuts you can take to get your project done fast
  • Resources you can use for “instant” ideas


When you attend the Advanced Copywriters Workshop, you’ll leave with our exclusive copywriters workbook – an invaluable resource full of case studies, examples, tips, new ideas, and strategies. It comes with blank pages for room to write down your own creative thoughts as well as the tips you’ll learn from those around you. When you add your notes, you’ll have a complete, perfectbound desk reference you can turn to time and again. It’s inspiration at your fingertips.

Meet Your Trainer

Sandra Blum*
Thousands of ads bombard our senses on a daily basis, and Sandra Blum knows that the responsibility of making your company’s product stand out from the crowd often rests squarely on the shoulders of creative copywriters – just like you!

Having built a reputation as a successful author, technical writer, and marketing pro, Sandra has a client list that includes some of the most cutting-edge companies in their industries: A.C. Nielsen, Aetna, Dun and Bradstreet, Pitney Bowes, J.P. Morgan, National Geographic Society, NPD Group Inc., F & W Publications Inc., Gruner+Jahr, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Atlantic, Tufts Media, and VNU, just to name a few.

Sandra’s professional success and keen insight into what makes copy successful have turned her into one of the most sought-after speakers on successful copywriting techniques for thousands of writers, editors, and marketing pros across the country.

But be warned: When you attend one of Sandra’s dynamic copywriting seminars, y


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