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Design and Page Layout Skills On-Site Training

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Spend just one day at this incredible workshop and we GUARANTEE every document you produce from now on will look FANTASTIC!

Course Description/Agenda

This workshop is specifically for the creativity challenged who want to produce great-looking documents (with as little effort as possible)!

Do you consider yourself “creativity challenged” when it comes to producing documents like newsletters, brochures or annual reports? Are your fliers, catalogs, proposals or ads dull-looking and uninteresting? And are you worried that you just don’t have what it takes to make your documents look polished and professional because you have no formal training in design?

Guaranteed training for the “design-impaired”
Well, relax! Because I assure you, you can design documents that look terrific. The truth is, you don’t have to be a creative design genius to produce visually appealing documents that grab attention. All you have to do is follow a few simple rules and guidelines and know some tricks of the trade — which is exactly what you’ll learn in this exciting new workshop, Design and Page Layout Skills.

Packed with design tips, shortcuts and easy “how-to’s,” this program is guaranteed to give you the tools you need to make every document you produce look better. You’ll discover easy ways to give your projects visual punch, to make them more readable and much, much more.

Here’s just a sample of what’s in store for you ...

  • Tips, tricks and shortcuts for creating better designs and layouts in less time
  • Simple guidelines for using color effectively
  • “How-to’s” for choosing the right photos and illustrations
  • Formats for adding visual pizzazz to various types of documents
  • Secrets for using hot-spots and attention-grabbers to get your points across

Get design ideas you can use immediately
Plus ideas, ideas and more ideas! You’ll see dozens of examples of great design you can put to work immediately in your own projects for exceptional results. And you’ll also see “design disasters” and learn how to avoid them.

Granted, you won’t leave this workshop as a designer or an artist. People go to school for years for that, and some individuals are simply inherently more artistic than others. But my point is, you don’t need to be an artist or a degreed-designer to produce polished, professional documents that look terrific and get rave reviews.

Boost your design know-how in just one day!
Instead, join us for an exciting and fun day of learning at this incredible workshop. You’ll be amazed at how many design and layout tips, tricks and shortcuts you’ll pick up — and what a difference your new-found know-how will make in every document you produce from now on!

Don’t wait any longer to get the design skills you need to create terrific-looking documents with surprisingly little effort.

What You'll Learn:

  • Use basic design essentials to produce outstanding designs — every time.
  • Produce better designs in less time using our tips, tricks and shortcuts.
  • Connect with your audience by choosing the right photos and illustrations.
  • Select type fonts with ease, knowing which will create the tone and mood you want.
  • Simple tricks for making your documents easily readable — even for “skim” readers.
  • Grab your readers’ attention with headlines, subheads and other elements.
  • Evoke certain emotions in your readers by using the psychology of color.
  • Apply basic design formats to different types of documents for a professional look in no time.
  • Use smart planning tips to take the headaches out of designing documents from now on!
  • Add visual interest with graphics — and know how to avoid overdoing it.
  • Choose backgrounds with caution using tips from the pros.
  • Take the tons of examples of great design you’ll see in this workshop and put them to work in your projects.
  • Size and position your graphics with ease for maximum impact in your documents.
  • Wow ‘em with super-easy special effects.
  • Get the most out of desktop publishing design packages with our quick tips.
  • Find great sources for clip art, illustrations and photos.
  • Mix type styles and sizes on a page effectively — without creating a mishmash.
  • Improve scanner images with secrets the pros use.
  • Run damage control — and save the day — when the finished project isn’t right.
  • You’ll recharge your creativity by spending an inspiring, visually stimulating day away from the office — and get fresh ideas you can use immediately to improve your design projects.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for you if you create ...

  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Reports or proposals
  • Fliers
  • Ads
  • Presentation materials
  • Catalogs
  • Marketing materials
  • Web pages
  • Or any type of document that needs to look professional — and to get results!

Workshop Agenda:

Design 101: Simple Rules for Making Every Design Look Terrific

  • From dynamic designs to design disasters: Examples of the good, the bad and the ugly
  • How to use a dominant element, balance and proportion for visually appealing layouts
  • Headlines, subheads and other key elements for grabbing your readers’ attention
  • Boxes, sidebars and call-outs: Simple ways to add interest to text-heavy pages
  • Your secret weapon for easy-to-read documents? White space!

Choosing the Right Type Styles to Add Professional Polish

  • Using the personality of typefaces to create the tone and mood you want
  • Sans serif and serif type: Knowing when to use which
  • Properly using ALL CAPS, bold, italics and underlining to emphasize your
  • points
  • Tips on mixing point sizes and type styles on a page
  • When you need to transfer printer fonts: Protect yourself by knowing the law

How to Use Graphics to Draw Your Readers In

  • Photos or illustrations? How and when to use each to connect with your readers
  • Simple guidelines for sizing and positioning graphic elements on the page
  • Advantages and disadvantages of “clip art” — and where to find it for free
  • Tips for using bars, rules and borders effectively

Adding Visual Pizzazz With Color and Special Effects

  • A quick primer on the psychology of color and how certain hues affect your readers
  • Do’s and don’ts for using color effectively and creatively
  • Caution! Choose backgrounds and color screens with care — in print and on Web pages
  • Yikes! How to avoid graphic overkill

Layout and Design How-To’s That Make Different Types of Documents Shine

  • Quick basics for creating professional-looking newsletters
  • How-to’s for designing eye-catching brochures — that get read!
  • Tips for adding visual punch and readability to catalogs
  • Easy ways to making your presentation materials pack a punch
  • Design “makeovers” that add interest to gray, text-heavy proposals and reports
  • Ad formats that grab attention
  • Simple but effective Web page layouts for beginners

Using Cool Desktop Technologies to Create Better Design in Less Time

  • Quick tips for getting the most from layout packages: InDesign, Quark, PageMaker and Pu


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