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Developing and Implement Accounting Policies & Procedures On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Solid policies and procedures are vital for building strong internal controls, preventing fraud, protecting business assets, and complying with SOX 404. Without them, your organization could be in jeopardy.

Course Description/Agenda

You are under more pressure than ever to meet regulations and protect and
control your organization’s financial assets! One of the best ways to ensure
your success is with solid policies and procedures. Join us for Developing &
Implementing Accounting Policies & Procedures and you’ll learn how to quickly
and accurately create a written set of accounting policies and procedures
guaranteed to keep your organization at the forefront of success.

Protect and Control Your Organization’s Valuable Assets

As an accountant, your primary job is to protect and control your company’s
assets. But you and your department simply cannot do this without clear,
concise, and irrefutable rules in place that everyone in your company respects –
and follows. When you attend this session, you’ll learn proven evaluation
techniques for your internal systems to pinpoint exactly what critical
directives you need to document so there are ZERO misunderstandings – including
ones that could put your organization in jeopardy.

Ensure Your Compliance With Every Regulation – Especially Sarbanes-Oxley

There are 1,001 regulations that govern the accounting process, but arguably
none of them have ever been as scary, complex, and confusing as Sarbanes-Oxley.
And, like every federal regulation, there are gray areas in the law that are
potentially catastrophic for even the best-intentioned accounting professional.
We’ll cover the ramifications of SOX for your accounting department and how you
can write policies and procedures to protect your company in court if it should
ever come down to it.

Sharpen, Streamline, and Maintain a More Effective Accounting System

In just one day with us, you’ll learn proven and practical risk-assessment
tools that will enable you to examine all your accounting processes and show you
how clearly written procedures will help your employees work faster and more
accurately. What’s more, you’ll learn when and how often you should you revise
your policies and procedures so you maintain the most effective system possible.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get It Done – Guaranteed!

To learn the proven-effective policy writing techniques you’ll get in one day
with us could take a busy accounting professional like you weeks – or maybe even
months to find on your own. That’s why we’ve created this accounting-specific
seminar to teach you what you need to know quickly.

What You'll Learn:

  • Get the straight facts about writing effective accounting policies and

  • Reduce or eliminate misinterpretation of your critical policies and

  • Spend less time writing policies and procedures

  • Establish company goals and create a road map to reach them

  • Feel more confident about covering legal issues like Sarbanes-Oxley

  • Protect your organization from fraud Assert even more financial control
    over your company’s assets

  • Develop and maintain accounting procedures that work flawlessly, even
    when you’re not around to enforce them Identify signals that tell you when a
    policy needs to be changed

  • Overcome resistance to your new policies both in and out of your

  • Clearly explain the most complex accounting issues – such as FLSA or
    Sarbanes-Oxley – even to non-financial managers and supervisors

  • Deal more effectively with employees, co-workers, or even bosses who
    refuse to comply with your new policies

  • Find out how internal controls relate to your policies and procedures

  • Find effective development styles that meet your organization’s unique

  • Get hands-on experience writing policies and procedures BEFORE you start
    your own

Who Should Attend?

accounting personnel, managers, supervisors, anyone who wants to better

Workshop Agenda:

The Fundamentals of Why You Need Written Policies and Procedures

  • Distinguish between "policy" and "procedure" – and why it’s critical to
    do so

  • 7 essentials of highly effective policies and procedures

  • The development cycle of written policies

  • Tools to help you find your way through the complex world of accounting

  • Understand how policies and procedures relate to the environment of
    internal controls

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 Understanding and evaluating internal
    controls using the COSO and COBIT framework

Pre-Writing Strategies: Plan Your Work– Work Your Plan

  • First things first: determining the objectives of your manual

  • How to establish – and agree upon – the scope of your written manual

  • How to assemble a top-notch planning and writing team – who should be
    involved and who shouldn’t!

  • Choosing the most effective approach for your team to collect

Prioritizing your subject areas

  • How to build an aggressive – but fair – timeline to finish the job

  • Agreeing on your time/cost budget

Collecting Essential Information and Writing Effective Policies

  • Identifying effective development styles that will work for your unique

  • How to manage and sell your changes to your department and your company
    as a whole

  • How to ensure you collect the exact information you need

  • Key issues to always keep in mind if you’re going to automate your

  • How to keep your numbering systems simple and straightforward

  • Scheduling and managing revisions and updates for all your policies and

  • How to understand the components of procedures

  • Easy-to-use tricks professional writers use to eliminate fuzzy meanings
    in everything they write

  • Identifying your reader and writing for the appropriate group

Powerful Writing Techniques That Guarantee Clarity and Conciseness

  • Why write a first draft? What you’ll want to accomplish with it

  • Formatting the policies & procedures

  • HANDS ON ACTIVITY: Edit samples of accounting policies and procedures

  • Better understanding the nature of accounting procedures and getting it
    all down on paper

  • The “6 C’s” of successful writing

  • Draft your own policy, draft your own procedure, and get immediate
    feedback from the group

  • The seemingly impossible task of “writing like you talk” and still
    maintaining professionalism

  • How to keep it simple – it’s harder than you think


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