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Keys to Building and Strengthening Workplace Relationships

Course Description/Agenda

Program Description

Working With People Is Hard Even on a Good Day ...

No matter what your job is, we’re willing to go out on a limb and bet that working with people plays an important part.

In any given workplace, you’ll find dozens of different personalities, communication styles, and work habits. While there are some people that you’ll never be best friends with, maintaining a positive work relationship shouldn’t be impossible. That’s why we’re introducing How to Work With People, a one-day workshop guaranteed to give you the tools you need to make your day-to-day interactions less stressful.

Communication and Cooperation Don’t Have to Be so Difficult …
But sometimes they are. This workshop will show you how to harness the skills necessary for gaining the cooperation and support of those around you to get things done. What’s more, the communication skills you’ll learn will make the headaches, frustrations, and stress of working with people a thing of the past. The easy-to-use techniques you’ll learn at this workshop will help you build the professional relationships you need to thrive and grow in your career.

Gain Confidence and Be in Control of Every Situation
You’ll return to work with the confidence and power you need to work with anyone in any situation. From the negative peer to the know-it-all, you’ll handle every person and situation with ease and assurance. Whether you’re a CEO or new to the workplace, the ability to communicate with your coworkers, boss, and employees is crucial to your success.

It’s a fact of life: no matter how intelligent you are … no matter how technically savvy – nearly everything you accomplish in life requires the support and cooperation of others.

Workshop Bonus

Learn the 8 classic principles of influencing others with your valuable desk reference.
As a participant in this seminar, you’ll receive a comprehensive softbound workbook that outlines the information and invaluable skills you’ll learn. When you add your notes during the sessions, your workbook will become a customized desk reference you’ll turn to again and again for the essential answers you need to build successful working relationships and gain cooperation from those around you.

What You'll Learn

  • We’ll show you how to persuade people …
  • disagree (even criticize) without antagonizing …
  • forge stronger relationships …
  • handle difficult people …
  • make a positive first impression …
  • deal with conflict …
  • gain cooperation, and much, much, more.

Workshop Agenda

Using the SELF Assessment to Work More Effectively With Others

  • Recognizing why people skills are essential to career success today
  • Take our SELF profile and see where you fit into your team dynamics
  • Strategies for working with others based on their personality type

How to Establish Rapport and Build Trust

  • Making a strong, positive first impression
  • Getting people to open up to you – applying the easy-to-use SOFTEN formula
  • How-to’s for making small talk with anyone

Communication Skills: Your Strategic Advantage in Working With People

  • Focusing on the 3 goals of clear communication
  • How to avoid sending contradictory and confusing messages
  • How to make colleagues or employees feel “heard” through reflective listening
  • The secret to giving constructive feedback

Working With Diverse People

  • Easy techniques for working with other departments
  • Tips for handling emotions and tension in the workplace
  • Keys for forging bonds with those who have different work styles and habits than you do

Handling Criticism, Conflicts, and Angry People

  • How to determine the true nature of the complaint
  • Calming techniques for “defusing” an angry person
  • How to resolve a long-standing conflict

Gaining Cooperation and Support From Others

  • Building cooperative “win-win” relationships with your boss, team members, and peers
  • The 8 classic principles to apply in influencing others
  • 12 persuasive ways to gain buy-in for your ideas


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