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Human Resources For Professionals Who've Recently Assumed HR Responsibilities On-Site Training

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Whether you’re new to the HR field or have recently added HR duties as part of your job, this workshop will give you the information and confidence you need to successfully meet the tough HR challenges that come your way!

Course Description/Agenda

Program Description

Learn the most important of the most important HR skills in just one day

Human Resources for Professionals Who’ve Recently Assumed HR Responsibilities is critical new training designed especially for professionals like you who are new to the demanding responsibilities of HR. Fast-paced and information-rich, this program condenses the “most important of the most important” HR basics into clear, concise, easy-to-understand training.

HR duties are demanding – and confusing

As a professional new to HR – or someone who has recently added HR duties as part of your job – you’re no doubt more than a little overwhelmed with the tough challenges you now face every day. There are ever-changing regulatory issues and employment laws to stay current on, confusing complexities of benefits administration, more recordkeeping headaches than you can count … the list goes on and on.

To add to the pressure, you’re all too aware that even one mistake can get your organization fined or sued – to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Attend this informative one-day session and you’ll gain ...

  • An invaluable update on employment laws that impact HR, from ADA to EEO and affirmative action
  • Benefit administration how-to’s, from changes in COBRA to exclusions and penalties in FLSA
  • Interview guidelines that guarantee better hires and steps for terminating an employee safely and legally
  • Proven techniques for managing recordkeeping more quickly and efficiently
  • Resources for staying up-to-the-minute on changing laws and regulations

An HR expert will provide the training you need – and it’s guaranteed! What’s more, your sessions will be led by an HR expert who’ll have answers to all those difficult questions that you’ve been unsure about. You’ll learn shoulder-to-shoulder with other professionals new to the duties of HR – individuals who shoulder the same demanding responsibilities that you do. And because our training is 100-percent guaranteed, you have nothing to lose … and so much to gain … when you attend!

You can’t afford to learn HR skills by trial and error – enroll today! Mark your calendar and enroll today in this must-attend HR training. Don’t wait any longer to get the know-how you need to handle your HR duties effectively and with greater confidence. You’ll leave knowing you’ve got all your bases covered.

What You'll Learnn

Just a Sample of How You’ll Benefit from Attending …

  • Avoid making costly mistakes by getting up to speed fast on federal regulations that impact the workplace
  • Understand critical employment laws – and keep your company out of legal hot water
  • Keep benefits administration flowing smoothly, from COBRA to FMLA to Workers’ Comp
  • Make better hires with interview guidelines that help you spot questionable job applicants
  • Conduct formal counseling and disciplinary meetings – legally
  • Reduce your organization’s legal liability during termination sessions
  • Perform recordkeeping functions more efficiently and in less time
  • Learn what you have to have on file for your employees
  • Understand the relationship between, and meet the requirements for, FMLA, ADA and Workers’ Comp
  • Know what you can and can’t say when interviewing
  • Communicate benefits information so that employees understand it
  • Manage recordkeeping responsibilities so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Learn what your employee personnel records can include and how to restrict access and meet legislative guidelines
  • Understand your organization’s responsibility under FMLA
  • Handle all your HR duties with greater confidence, knowing you’ve got the bases covered

Who Should Attend?

HR assistants HR specialists Office managers Executive assistants Administrative assistants Small business owners Managers Those who deal with HR functions, even if they don’t work full-time in HR

Workshop Agenda

What You Must Know About Critical Laws that Impact HR

  • Overview of federal regulations that might impact your workplace, including ADA, FMLA, FLSA, Workers’ Comp, EEO, Title VII and more
  • Get up to speed on your state’s employment laws
  • Recent changes in workplace-related laws, and those to watch for
  • Specific measures to take when investigating a harassment or discrimination claim
  • Common mistakes made involving workplace laws and regulations – and how to avoid them
  • Resources no one with HR responsibilities should ever be without

Keeping Benefits Administration & Employee Relations Running Smoothly

  • How-to’s for communicating benefit information so that employees truly understand it
  • Best practices for avoiding complications with COBRA, FMLA and HIPAA
  • Tricky ins and outs of exempt vs. non-exempt and employee vs. contractor
  • A look at penalties under FLSA
  • Understand the relationship between Workers’ Comp, FMLA and ADA, and make certain you are meeting all requirements

Understanding the Legal Aspects of Hiring and Firing

  • How to create documentation that will stand up in court
  • Learn how word-of-mouth recruiting can put your company in legal jeopardy
  • Key legal considerations for background checks and screening
  • Interview questions that will help you spot potential employee problems – and questions you can’t ask
  • Steps for conducting formal counseling and disciplinary meetings
  • Best practices for reducing your organization’s legal liabilities when terminating employees

Techniques for Streamlining HR Recordkeeping Procedures

  • Proven techniques for managing your critical recordkeeping responsibilities
  • Guidelines on how long you must keep which documents on file
  • How to build safeguards into your documentation processes so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Basic issues surrounding confidentiality of employee records
  • How to organize your records to restrict access and meet legislative guidelines
  • Are your employee personnel records filled with dangerous information that could put you and/or your company at legal risk?


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