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The Sales and Use Tax Seminar On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Learn how to determine which transactions are taxable, find exemptions you may not be aware of, and handle business partners who aren't in compliance with new tax laws

Course Description/Agenda

Now you can gain the Sales and Use Tax knowledge base it takes to avoid costly accounting mistakes -- without consulting a tax attorney. This one-day session is designed to help you master the ins and outs of meeting your tax obligations.
Attend, and you'll learn how to determine which transactions are taxable ... find exemptions you may not be aware of ... and handle business partners who aren't in compliance with new tax laws.
Once this seminar is over, you'll have the confidence and knowledge you need to keep your company audit-ready, streamline your current recordkeeping system, and avoid the common Sales and Use Tax errors that lead to stiff penalties and legal action.

What You Will Cover ...

  • Expert insight into what the Sales and Use Taxes are ... and how they're changing business today
  • Definitions you must be aware of if you ever want to gain a better understanding of this complicated legislation
  • What's legally considered to be a transaction ... and which ones are taxable
  • How to take advantage of tax breaks — you may not realize how much you're entitled to
  • What penalties you could face if state authorities don't feel you've paid enough
  • What third-party delivery charges are ... and if you need to pay taxes on them
  • How to determine when a buyer becomes an owner ... the answer may surprise you
  • Services vs. tangible property: How your responsibilities change according to each
  • How the mail-order use tax could end up affecting every single one of your customers
  • How to determine just who has to pay the taxes on returns and trades
  • What circumstances could increase your tax liability — and decrease your company's bottom line
  • How to keep up with your changing legal obligations according to whether you are buying or selling
  • A valuable warehouse strategy that could make your tax liability disappear
  • Tips that will help take the confusion out of applying for exemption certificates
  • How you should deal with tax credits ... refund opportunities ... and overpayments
  • When you must register as an out-of-state vendor or risk being in violation of the law
  • Tax procedures for handling — and filing — bad debts
  • The only situations where you will not have to pay a local sales tax
  • The trickiest areas of use tax returns ... and how to sidestep the common pitfalls
  • How the multistate compact affects your company — and your job responsibilities
  • How to avoid getting bogged down with invoices and steamroll through use tax collections
  • Is the time you spend on the phone inflating your taxes? Find out here
  • When a company's advertising expenses become taxable
  • What changes you should make now to prevent costly legal mistakes later
  • Valuable techniques you can use to get — and keep — your company audit-ready
  • What type of unintentional blunders you could be held personally accountable for
  • Straight talk about preparing for a judicial review so you won't do more harm than good
  • How Sales and Use Taxes impact your company

Who Should Attend ...

Accounting and purchasing professionals who wants to gain a comprehensive understanding of Sales and Use Taxes— and avoid costly legal problems.


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