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The Basics of Writing Policies and Procedures On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Sharpen your writing skills with the keys to keeping your text clear and concise

Course Description/Agenda

Can you make sure employees read and understand what you've written? The answer is in this unique one-day seminar. Attend and you'll sharpen your writing skills with the keys to keeping your text clear and concise - without sounding patronizing or condescending - while eliminating loopholes that make it easy for employees to "bend" the rules.

How You Will Benefit ...

  • Reduce misinterpretation of policies and procedures
  • Spend less time on the writing and development process
  • Feel more confident when covering legal issues

What You Will Cover ...

  • Determining what policies and procedures should be put in writing
  • Signs that a policy needs to be revised
  • 2 times it's better not to put a policy in writing
  • Updating manuals and handbooks without rewriting them
  • Legal considerations to keep in mind when writing policies and procedures
  • When you have to write a policy fast - a 6-point checklist to make sure you've covered all the bases
  • 3 sure signs that a policy needs to be revised
  • A proven formula for determining if a policy or procedure is discriminatory
  • When should "unwritten" rules be put in writing? Signals to watch for
  • Handling changes in company policies and procedures
  • How to keep your personal feelings from affecting how you phrase policy
  • 3 common types of policies every company has and pitfalls to watch for when wording each
  • How to write dress code or personal hygiene guidelines that don't offend anyone
  • The secret to writing policies and procedures that sound friendly, yet firm
  • How to use the simple "HISI" test to ensure the clarity of everything you write
  • Announcing a new policy? When to use a memo and when to use a meeting
  • How to use simple graphic techniques to make handbooks and manuals easy to read
  • How to defend policies employees feel are silly or trite
  • A terrific way to update manuals or handbooks without re-writing them
  • An amazingly simple plan for making sure employees read - and understand - the policies and procedures you write
  • When announcing a policy verbally … how to be sure everyone gets the same message
  • How many rules are too many rules? You'll be surprised by what employees tell us
  • 2 situations in which you should ask for employee's signatures as proof they've read and understood a policy
  • Where policies and procedures should be kept - and how they should be controlled
  • When and how to write disclaimers
  • 2 simple, but vital, elements often left out of procedures manuals
  • 3 questions you should never include on employment application forms … and why
  • Mindmapping: What it is and how it'll help make writing policies and procedures a breeze
  • A 3-step formula for writing concise and accurate job descriptions … and keeping them up to date
  • Flow-charting techniques that can reduce 3 typewritten pages to a single page
  • The key to writing employee performance evaluations that will make formal reviews less stressful

Who Should Attend ...

For managers, supervisors, HR and accounting professionals - anyone responsible for developing or writing policies and procedures.


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National Seminars Group
National Seminars Group

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