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Microsoft Excel® On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Introducing a skill-boosting one-day workshop designed specifically for anyone who's mastered Excel's fundamentals and is ready to get the tools required to become a "power user"!

Course Description/Agenda

Program Description

This skill-boosting one-day workshop is designed specifically for anyone who has mastered Excel's® fundamentals and is ready to get the tools, tips, techniques and shortcuts required to become a power user. Your expert instructor will use our exclusive hands-off training approach that features state-of-the-art projection equipment. This method guarantees that you'll learn ­ and retain - a maximum amount of information in a minimum amount of time!

You'll discover how to use macros to save tons of time and reduce errors, how to create eye-catching charts and graphs that bring your numbers to life, how to make more professional-looking spreadsheets, how to automate repetitive tasks and how to work faster and more efficiently with "insider" shortcuts.

You'll also learn "how-to's" for analyzing data and power tips for printing your work perfectly every time. Attend this intensive workshop and you'll create better worksheets faster than ever before. Guaranteed!

What You’ll Learn

  1. Master Excel's® most useful, efficiency-boosting, time-saving features and functions
  2. Customize Excel® toolbars, formula bar and menus to save tons of time
  3. Boost your productivity using Excel's® templates
  4. Easily link Excel® worksheets so you don't waste time re-keying information
  5. Create eye-catching charts without slaving over them for hours
  6. Take a list and turn it into an Excel® database
  7. Manage enormous spreadsheets with ease
  8. Make the most of Excel's® mathematical functions
  9. Get more done in less time by automating repetitive tasks
  10. Swiftly navigate through Excel® like a pro
  11. Protect your valuable data in case disaster strikes
  12. Calculate percentages, averages, interest, statistics, dates and more
  13. Add free-form narrative and graphics to your worksheets to facilitate understanding
  14. Summarize large amounts of data quickly by creating a Pivot Table
  15. Use macros to avoid input errors

Who Should Attend

  • Intermediate users who know the basics but want to learn how to make the most of Excel's® features and functions
  • Self-taught users who want to push their skills to the next level
  • Advanced users who are eager to learn additional shortcuts and tips that will boost their speed and productivity in Excel®

Software Versions Covered

This program is for Windows and Macintosh users and will cover all versions of Excel®. For demonstration purposes, we will be presenting demos in Excel® 97. This workshop features our exclusive hands-off approach to learning. We'll bring the techniques and tools to life using a visually stimulating, accelerated training approach that incorporates state-of-the-art projection equipment that'll really bring the learning home.

Workshop Agenda

The Key to Spreadsheet Success: Getting Off to a Good Start

  • How to swiftly navigate Excel® menus like a pro
  • Identify the toolbar commands you use most often ... and hide the rest
  • Keyboard shortcuts that reduce the mileage you put on your mouse and save tons of time
  • Don't repeat yourself ... learn the quick steps to saving a document as a template
  • Managing files when you've got tons to keep track of
  • Data safeguards: how to protect your data in case disaster strikes

Formulas and Functions

  • Using the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions
  • The no-fail method of backing yourself out of mistakes
  • How to calculate percentages, averages, and more
  • How to spot potential formula goofs
  • When and how to use the "fill series" command
  • Using logical and IF functions
  • Using split and freeze panes

Lighten Your Load with Multiple Worksheet Links

  • Why an automatic update of linked worksheets makes your job easier
  • Create a linking formula with our step-by-step guidelines
  • Save valuable time by moving rapidly among multiple worksheets
  • Reduce chances for errors by linking instead of re-inputting data


The Path to Print Perfection


  • The most common Excel® printing goofs and how to avoid them
  • How to add footers, headers and page numbers
  • How to create recurring titles wit


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