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Coaching Mentoring and Team-Building On-Site Training

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Two Intensive Days of Training On Dozens of Core Skills

Course Description/Agenda

Program Description

A successful manager, supervisor or team leader in today’s highly competitive workplace is a lot like the coach of a winning team. You may lack the whistle and the game book, but it’s your job to inspire your people to give their all – and to make sure everyone knows the game plan.

You’re not yelling directions from the sidelines, but it’s still up to you to deal with poor performers and bad attitudes and to referee team disputes. And, it’s also your responsibility to mentor team members to help them realize their true potential – to help them grow and succeed.

Winning teams don’t just happen, whether they’re on the playing field or on the job. High-performing teams are created by skilled leaders who’ve learned how to motivate, inspire and guide their people to phenomenal success. And now, the same innovative techniques, tools and strategies used by the country’s most successful team leaders are available to you in an intensive two-day workshop, Coaching, Mentoring & Team-Building Skills.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Create a high-energy climate that fosters initiative and innovation
  2. Discover important tools for enhancing cooperation, communication and teamwork
  3. Deal tactfully, yet decisively, with unacceptable employee behavior and unsatisfactory performance
  4. Apply proven mentoring techniques to help every member of your team realize his or her performance potential
  5. Become a highly respected leader who is known for achieving extraordinary team results
  6. Create a high-energy environment that fosters teamwork
  7. Avoid miscommunication and unsatisfactory results
  8. Develop a commitment to high standards and a bias for action

Who Should Attend

  • Managers and Supervisors at all levels
  • Team Leaders
  • Business owners
  • Anyone in a position of authority who must get results through others


Workshop Agenda

Coaching Skills: The Essentials

  • 5 insights leaders must possess
  • The best way to get a good handle on the performance drivers behind each employee
  • The 5-Step StaffCoaching™ Model
  • 10 values of a successful StaffCoach™
  • Why the best leaders are also strong mentors
  • Recognizing the strengths and limitations of your unique leadership style
  • Developing a sense of high standards and expectations in others

Communication Skills for Winning Coaches

  • How to give clear, concise, precise directions
  • The criticism checklist: 9 questions to ask yourself before you say anything
  • How appropriate feedback can prevent team failure
  • How to sell them, not just tell them
  • The secret to helping employees feel valued by you and the company
  • How to get your team pumped up and ready to roar – even if you aren’t the “cheerleader type”

Leading Employees to Peak Performance

  • 10 keys to effective coaching
  • How to create team pride and develop team momentum and morale
  • Keys for creating a positive, energized work environment
  • How improving your listening skills will make you a better leader
  • Why superior team performance hinges on your ability to delegate correctly and appropriately
  • Avoid employee burnout – and replace it with motivation and enthusiasm
  • The best and cheapest rewards for getting things done
  • The better-than-money motivation techniques no manager should be without


Creating a Winning Team


  • How to step into an existing team and build loyalty and results
  • 6 ways people think – and understanding how to identify the different thinking styles
  • Why different employees require different coaching approaches
  • Holding employees accountable – while keeping them happy
  • Empathy and understanding: critical skills every coach needs to master
  • Using the “Plan of Action” chart to keep individuals focused on the task at hand
  • 4 ways to overcome the “inherited employee” syndrome


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