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Workers' Compensation: A One-Day Workshop for HR Professionals On-Site Training

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Safeguard your company - and your employees - by ensuring you correctly handle claims and stay in compliance with today's employment laws

Course Description/Agenda

Is the pressure all on you when an employee gets injured?

It's no wonder. In a legally volatile situation like this, the actions of HR professionals often determine whether costs spiral out of control or are properly managed.

That's why we created this special workshop -- because ensuring you correctly handle workers' comp claims is only half the battle. You also have a key role in reducing risk and costs in your organization.

Confidently Handle Workers' Comp Claims

It's no secret that everyone turns to HR when they have workers' comp questions. You're expected to keep up with the constantly changing regulatory requirements and correctly file every report required by law. But who do HR professionals turn to with their questions?

NST -- a recognized leader in HR training and development. Come to our workers' compensation workshop and you'll see why nearly 400,000 HR professionals choose NST training programs above all others. We'll zero in on your concerns ... answer your toughest compliance questions ... and give you the skill and confidence to handle any workers' comp claim that comes your way.

Reduce Risk, Cut Costs, and Ensure You're In Compliance

During this highly informative workshop, you'll learn how to monitor claims and rein in workers' comp costs. Plus, we'll clear up the confusion around overlapping compliance issues, insurance premiums, employer liability, and more. In fact, we guarantee you'll be completely satisfied with what you learn or we'll refund your entire registration fee. Seating is limited -- so be sure to reserve your spot at this special HR event today.


Ensure You Fully Understand Your Legal Obligations

  • Workers' Comp 101: Gain new insight and a deeper understanding of this complex law
  • Examine the critical differences between state workers' comp laws ... and what to do if you have employees in different states
  • Must-know information on how employer liability functions outside of workers' compensation
  • Legal Update: Get the latest news on the workers' comp cases every HR professional should know about
  • How to navigate the Bermuda Triangle of overlapping compliance issues with the FMLA, ADA and workers' comp
  • 3 facts every supervisor in your organization should know about workers' comp right now
  • Filing first reports of injury: How, when, and what to do if you haven't been able to talk to the injured employee
  • Determining how much time injured employees can take off and when they're guaranteed reinstatement to the position with the FMLA

Expertly Deal With On-the-Job Accidents and Injuries

  • How to determine if employee misconduct was a contributing factor in an accident (and if that means a claim will be denied)
  • 2 actions you must take immediately in the event of an accident (skip this and you may be headed for a legal disaster)
  • How to recognize which injuries qualify for workers' comp and which will be denied
  • The key to getting an injured employee to focus on recovery (instead of litigation!)
  • Best Practices: How informative you should be with employees about workers' compensation
  • One thing you should never say to an injured employee (regardless of who's at fault)
  • Finger-pointing & Blame: How to handle the emotional impact on a workplace after a significant injury occurs
  • Find out the latest ruling from OSHA on reporting accidents and injuries (and what it means to you)

Handle Workers' Comp Claims With Confidence & Skill

  • How to handle workers' compensation claims when the employee can still perform designated duties under the ADA
  • Treatment and Hospitalization Guide: How to establish communication and follow-up with doctors and your injured employee
  • Red flags that indicate fraud (and the safest way to handle this legal land mine)
  • How to handle those difficult situations when an injury doesn't qualify for workers' comp
  • Workers' Comp Wiki: An invaluable cheat sheet that translates complex terms and lingo into plain English
  • The top legal pitfalls of workers' comp: How to avoid making one of these costly errors
  • How workers' compensation claims are handled when there's a pre-existing condition
  • Travel and Tricky Situations: How to deal with injuries that don't happen at the workplace but qualify for workers' comp anyway

Reduce Risk & Control Your Costs

  • How to get employees (and management!) to take safety issues as seriously as you do
  • Expert insight on insurance premiums: How to determine if you're paying too much
  • How to develop and implement a Return to Work program that benefits the injured employee and your company
  • Shopping for new coverage? Crucial questions to ask carriers and tips on getting a great price
  • Safety Counts: The dramatic impact your policies and procedures have on workers' comp costs
  • Tips from Industry Leaders: How to administer the most cost effective workers' compensation program possible
  • Fighting Fraud & Abuse: Proven strategies you can use to discourage employees from filing false or exaggerated claims
  • The top 2 causes of workplace injuries today and simple steps you can take to reduce the risk in your company right now


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