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Managing Underperforming Employees On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

How to turn underperformers into exceptional employees

Course Description/Agenda

How much of your time gets wasted by underperforming employees?

Studies show most managers spend 17 percent of their time monitoring poor performers and correcting their mistakes. That quickly adds up to nearly 1 day a week dealing with underperformance.

Take Back Control of Your Time

If you get that sinking feeling whenever you see a certain employee's work, you already know what it's like to deal with underperformance. It's incredibly frustrating, because many underachievers simply don't respond to traditional management styles.

This is a unique opportunity to gain advanced management techniques you can use to turn around poor performers once and for all. These are painless, no-stress methods that have proven to be particularly effective with underperforming employees. So you can go back to the office and finally have more time to focus on your work instead of dealing with the problems caused by theirs.

Boost Your Entire Team's Morale and Productivity

The incredible impact of underperformance is even more alarming when it comes to teams. In fact, just having one slacker on a team can drag down productivity by 30%-40%. Here's your chance to get the training you need to target underperformers ... get them quickly up to speed ... and boost your entire team's performance in the process. Plus, you'll also learn to make those tough management calls with confidence in our special section on legally terminating underperformers.

Take your leadership skills to the next level and solve your performance problems by enrolling in this powerful management workshop today.


Understanding the Problem

  • Are we witnessing the end of the annual evaluation? Future trends in performance management
  • Discover why it's important to intervene at the first signs of trouble
  • Calculate the dollar cost of underperforming employees
  • Uncover the root cause of poor performance
  • The top 6 performance drivers

Setting the Stage for Outstanding Performance

  • Develop your employees' strengths and minimize their weaknesses
  • Eliminate obstacles that are blocking their ability to do their best
  • 10 management mistakes that build resentment and reduce productivity
  • Give clear directions so that they can do the job right the first time
  • Are your employees stretched too thin? Find ways to streamline workloads

Creating a Culture of High Performance

  • How a transparent management style opens the door for greater trust and communication
  • Set high expectations and reward people the right way for living up to your standards
  • 8 effective strategies for improving employee engagement and morale
  • Do you know what really motivates your employees? Hint: It's not always found in a paycheck
  • BONUS: Learn how to deal with your Highfliers and Average Jos/Joes while handling your low achievers

Managing Performance

  • Give feedback that inspires improved results
  • Get employees to take ownership of their improvement
  • Coach employees on how to set and meet goals
  • Encourage follow-through: Create development plans with accountability checks
  • What high achievers do that low achievers don't
  • Address personal problems, absenteeism, and attitude issues

SPECIAL SECTION: Disciplining and Terminating Low Achievers

  • Steps to discipline employees in a legally sound manner
  • Stop the drain on your time and energy: Know when it's time to let them go
  • Can you terminate for attitude? You bet!
  • Document, document, document! How your written records support your case for termination


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