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Preventing & Handling Workplace Violence, Aggression & Bullying On-Site Training

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Discover how you can create a safer, more effective workplace at this essential workshop

Course Description/Agenda

1 out of 3 organizations experienced workplace violence last year.

But the saddest fact is -- many of those incidents were preventable.

It's understandable that no one wants to believe violence can happen in their own company. Unfortunately, that means even experienced HR professionals and managers often miss the warning signs. Or take too long to respond to a threat in a situation where every second counts.

That's why you don't want to miss this prevention and response workshop. You'll assess the risk of violence in your own company and learn what steps will have a real and lasting impact on everyone's safety. Plus, you'll be able to demonstrate you've taken every precaution to provide a safe workplace for your employees. After all, if a violent incident ever does occur in your organization, you'll know you did everything possible to prevent it. Especially since you'll be dealing with the police ... OSHA ... and the legal issues that inevitably follow these events.

Discover the Fastest Way to Reduce Turnover, Improve Employee Productivity, and Cut Costs

Studies show workplace bullies target your very best employees. The type of well-liked, highly skilled, and experienced workers you can least afford to lose. Bullies simply don't want the competition and will do anything they can to make work a miserable place to be for their targets.

Unfortunately, bullies and aggressive employees often succeed in driving away the majority of their targets and then quickly select a new one. Along the way they destroy morale, reduce productivity, and increase turnover among team members who witness the unfair treatment and worry they'll be next.

Because of the incredible impact aggressive jerks and bullies have on company costs, many of today's top companies have instituted "no jerk" rules and policies. This course shows how you can do the same thing plus much more ... including how to:

  • Improve morale and productivity
  • Make it clear that aggression and bullying are not welcome
  • Identify the important legal differences between aggression, harassment, and bullying
  • Stop aggressive employees and bullies from creating the kind of toxic work environment that either drives your best employees away or sparks retaliation
  • Handle difficult, angry people
  • Safely investigate employee behavior
  • Prevent situations from turning violent

Take the first step toward creating a safer, more positive workplace and enroll today.


Preventing Workplace Violence and Aggression

  • The 3 most effective actions you can take to prevent violence and aggression in your organization
  • Aggressive management style, harassment, or bullying? The critical difference between each and what to do when they overlap
  • Why HR often ends up being a target of violence in the workplace ... and steps you must take to keep your department safe
  • Risk Assessment: how to determine exactly where the greatest threats are in your workplace
  • How companies are increasingly being held liable for the safety of employees and clients (even in violent situations)
  • How pre-employment screening is a vital first step to keeping bullying, aggression, and violence out of the office
  • Difficult personality or threat? How to identify the early warning signs that someone may become violent
  • The critical differences in how you should handle employee conflict -- whether it's a dispute that turns physical or low-intensity, persistent workplace aggression

Dealing With Difficult People and Inappropriate Behavior

  • Why telling an angry person to calm down often makes the situation worse (and what to say instead)
  • The Bully Test: Are your supervisors bullying their direct reports or managing them? Here's how to tell once and for all
  • The #1 reason you should put a stop to ugly gossip, rumors, and innuendo right now (ignore them and you're placing your company at risk)
  • What workplace behavior policies should you have? Miss even one and your hands could be legally tied if something happens
  • Why bullying managers always escalate their behavior (and how to stop them for good)
  • How to safely handle the progressive discipline process when it involves workplace aggression or bullying
  • How 20% of workplace bullies cross the line into harassment ... and what your legal responsibilities are if it happens
  • How it only takes one aggressive jerk to transform a department into a toxic work environment -- and what you can do to turn it around fast

Create a Positive Environment and a Safer Workplace

  • Bullying and Aggressive Employees: the incredibly high price companies pay for looking the other way
  • How to quickly gain employee -- and management -- cooperation when creating and implementing anti-bullying policies
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to Progressive Discipline: how to handle and document those tough conversations with employees
  • Expert Insight: the most important screening questions to ask former employers (it's absolutely critical you know this)
  • Interview Questions and Assessments: how to discover if someone has aggressive or bullying tendencies before you hire them
  • True Case Studies: the successes and failures of real-world companies that have dealt with bullying, aggression, and violence
  • Why harassment and discrimination policies just aren't good enough anymore (and what you need to do to safeguard your organization)

Responding to Threats & Special Situations

  • How 74% of domestic abuse cases end up spilling over into the workplace -- and your best course of action in these incredibly volatile situations
  • How to discreetly and safely investigate claims of bullying and harassment (skip this and you could make matters worse)
  • Cyber-bullying: It's not just for teens anymore -- how today's technology is causing problems in and out of the office
  • Why so many companies are building Threat Response Teams -- and how to create one that can make a real difference when seconds count
  • Bomb Threat Checklist: Every HR professional (and front desk receptionist) should have a copy of this within reach
  • How to get a nervous employee who wants to talk to you "off the record" to open up without making promises you legally can't keep
  • After you call 911: The dos and don'ts of dealing with someone who has a weapon
  • How to know whether you should evacuate the building immediately or if it's safer for everyone to stay put


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