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7 Keys to Exceptional Personal Productivity On-Site Training

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You've heard it before: the key is to work smarter, not harder. You'll learn how at this extraordinary seminar that will send your productivity skyrocketing!

Course Description/Agenda

When you learn the secrets to achieving peak personal productivity, your life changes in amazing ways!

You wouldn't be reading this right now if you weren't a person who understood the importance of personal productivity. Still, as productive as you already are, do you find that you never quite get as much done as you'd like to? It's frustrating ... darn frustrating, in fact. Beyond that, it's negatively impacting your career and you're not about to let that continue, are you? We didn't think so!

There is a way to radically increase your productivity ... to achieve more with less effort ... to take control of your days, your energy, and your resources to experience more success in your life. That's exactly what you'll learn to do when you attend 7 Keys to Exceptional Personal Productivity.

Your Current Routine Is Packed With Productivity Killers. We'll Show You How to Spot Them and Eliminate Them for Good!

This training is all about getting peak results from your efforts. We'll show you how to spot the daily habits, energy-robbers, and time-wasters that are in your way. You'll learn how to set your focus on what matters most, enlist the support and resources you need, manage your peak energy times, and establish smart action plans to accomplish your goals. You'll eliminate the roadblocks that are holding you back now and adopt new patterns that will fuel your success from now on.

When it comes down to it, your ability to be phenomenally productive will make ALL the difference in the success you achieve in life. That means attending this training is one of the smartest career decisions you'll ever make. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in this training now!

Don't procrastinate on making this decision! Take a moment right now to reserve your space in this seminar.

Workshop Agenda

1. Know What You Want

  • Why clarity of purpose and clear goals are so important
  • Confused about what you really want? Let inspiration and passion be your guide
  • Don't let the tail wag the dog - recognize when it's time to take charge
  • Confidence and personal productivity: how the two are intertwined

2. Establishing Priorities

  • Take the WMIT - What's Most Important Test - a helpful tool for identifying your top priorities
  • How to know what to do first when everything seems urgent
  • Why everything you think is important right now isn't
  • How to avoid the top mistakes people make when establishing priorities

3. Creating and Executing Action Plans

  • Key components of every effective action plan
  • Short-term and long-term planning perspectives
  • The essential steps of transforming rough ideas into concrete action plans
  • How to establish on-target action plan timelines
  • Backup and contingency planning how-tos

4. Staying Focused and Fired Up!

  • Is energy drain preventing you from being your best? What to do about it
  • How to stay pumped up in the face of mega-challenges
  • Rest is important - but how much is enough and how much is too much?
  • The importance of creating distraction-free zones
  • How bad do you want it? Keys to staying fired up

5. Managing Time and Projects

  • Is multitasking a good or bad idea?
  • Tackling the time-wasters that'll zap your productivity
  • All hours aren't equal: understanding your personal peak productivity zones
  • How to beat perfectionism and procrastination for good
  • Scheduling time and meetings for optimal outcomes
  • The basics of smart project management

6. Tapping Into Support and Resources

  • You can't do it all: 5 ways to enlist the support you need
  • Are inadequate resources threatening your productivity? How to know for sure and what to do about it
  • You're never your best if you're always alone: how connecting with others feeds your productivity
  • The smart and not-so-smart uses of today's smart technologies
  • How supporting others today will magnify your productivity tomorrow

7. Maintaining Your Edge for the Long Haul

  • Why continual learning is critical to performing at your peak
  • How to find time for training in an already busy schedule
  • How your future goals can help you create your current professional development plan


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