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How to Update, Communicate, and Enforce

Course Description/Agenda

What's the #1 way employees put your company at risk for a lawsuit? Not following your company's policies and procedures.

It's every HR professional's worst nightmare. You know your company's policies and procedures are your first line of legal defense. And if your managers don't take them as seriously as you do, they could land your company on the losing end of a lawsuit.

That's why we created this special HR workshop - because ensuring your policies and procedures are up to date is only half the battle. You have to be sure every manager and employee understands and follows each and every one.

Confidently Communicate Policies and Ensure Compliance

How you communicate company policies and procedures is absolutely critical to how they will be perceived. One thing's for certain, employees often have strong reactions to policy changes. Attend this unique training program and we'll show you how to convey company policies in a way that boosts morale and promotes loyalty. And, how to avoid common wording and communication practices that lead to disgruntled workers and increased turnover.

Plus, you'll gain proven-effective skills you can use to eliminate confusion and ensure understanding at all levels of your organization. You'll also learn exactly how you should handle employees who don't follow policies and procedures and help shield your company from potential legal problems.

Stay Up to Date in the Digital Age

Keeping company policies and procedures up to date is a daunting task for even the most experienced HR professionals. Especially since a mistake could have serious legal consequences. That's why we've packed this workshop with the latest information on how to safeguard your company and your employees with carefully crafted policies that are up to date and in compliance with today's employment laws.

You'll learn how to conduct a self-audit so you can easily identify outdated policies ... pinpoint potential problems ... and close any gaps that could put your company at risk. Plus you'll gain expert insight on digital device and social media policies - two fast-growing areas of employee litigation. You'll return to the office with skills you can use to update and better communicate your company's policies and procedures. Take the first step toward building a strong first line of legal defense for your company and enroll today.

Workshop Agenda:

Ensure Your Company's Policies Are Up to Date

  • 5 Must-Have Policies that should be in every employee handbook - miss a single one and you could end up on the losing end of a lawsuit
  • The key to pinpointing policies that are past their expiration date ... and how to get them current as quickly as possible
  • How to objectively evaluate the underlying business reasons behind your policies so you're better protected in the event of a claim
  • Policy Update Action Plan: how to conduct a thorough self-audit of your current policies - and quickly prioritize updates and changes
  • The Terrible Top 10 Mistakes in employee handbooks that have cost companies millions in litigation (and what to do ASAP if you've made one)
  • Expert Insight: how often you should be reviewing your policies and procedures - any less and you're risking noncompliance
  • How to tell when one disclaimer isn't enough to protect your company in the event of a lawsuit (and how many it really takes to be safe)
  • Legal Update: the latest game-changing court cases that every HR professional should know about
  • A proven formula for determining if a policy or procedure is discriminatory ... and what to do if it doesn't pass the test

Keep HR Policies Current With Today's Technology

  • One size does not fit all: how to craft a solid BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy that fits your company's exact needs
  • How to walk the razor's edge of social media policies that protect your company without infringing on employee rights
  • Digital Age Update: the impact of today's technology on HR and the steps you must take to safeguard your organization in 2014
  • The real and immediate challenges of dual use devices, employee privacy, and wage-and-hour claims
  • Why Generation Y employees often ignore BYOD policies ... and how to ensure your policies won't drive younger workers away
  • True Facebook and Twitter HR Dilemmas: how social media has become such a legally volatile area for HR professionals
  • 3 common - and legally deadly - mistakes companies make with social media and digital device policies
  • How to ensure your policies adequately protect company email and other electronically stored information right now (or risk it becoming Exhibit A later)

Better Communicate Policies & Reduce Your Potential Liability

  • Proven communication strategies you can use to get every manager in your organization to take company policies as seriously as you do
  • 2 easy - but incredibly effective - techniques that increase employee understanding and cooperation from the start
  • The top legal pitfalls of communicating policies and procedures - and how you can avoid these expensive mistakes
  • How to ensure employees understand policies protect their rights (and not just the company's)
  • How to make managers understand that if they don't follow policies they're making inconsistent - and possibly illegal - decisions
  • How punitive policies often backfire ... and the key to keeping company rules as positive as possible
  • Meeting, email, or memo? How to determine the best possible way(s) to announce policy changes to your employees
  • Printed or online policies? The hidden dangers associated with each and the best ways to prove your employees have read them
  • How to identify when an unwritten rule should be formalized as a written policy ... or can safely be left as is

Enforce Policies With New Confidence and Skill

  • How to confidently handle employees (even managers!) who aren't following company policies and procedures
  • How to demonstrate to employees that policies create consistency and ensure everyone's treated fairly regardless of job position
  • How many rules are too many? How the courts are leaning when it comes to the number of procedures your employees must follow
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Discipline and Documentation: how to keep your legal bases covered when confronting employee behavior
  • How to handle employees who start complaining online about you, your employees, or your company (and when you legally shouldn't say a word)
  • How to respond when an employee openly disagrees with a policy change (it's key to winning them over)
  • Words and phrases that could come back to haunt you in court if you use them during a disciplinary meeting
  • From friendly to final warning: how to set the tone for meetings and confidently handle excuses for policy infractions
  • Should you ever make an exception? How to recognize unusual situations where it might be your legally safest option


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